Try, try again.

Chuck and I have been together for nearly 11 years now.

In all that time, he has never mentioned my weight.

Until Saturday.

He was very gentle and non-judgemental about it. Which he probably knew he had to be in order to have me accept it at all. I lived a good portion of my life hearing I'm fat...I don't take kindly to that type of criticism. But his point came across that he's concerned for me and my health and my future. Or at least that's what I read into it, because that's what I'm concerned about as well.

It's just so damn hard to keep up the motivation!!

So, I try again. I try again for my husband and my family. And I don't quit trying.


Diana said...

Im the same exact way, Hun. I went halls balls, until I got hurt. For some reason, a knee injury justifies an entire pack of cookies and 4 Sprites a day.....ugh.

Hannah said...

Keep trying, Lisa. You CAN do it!!


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