Random thoughts. Part 1,453,328

Or something similar to that. Sometimes I just have a lot of thoughts running around in there that I have to get out.

* I seem to do things in threes. Like, I *always* sneeze in threes. I always seem to gravitate to the third bathroom stall (if there is one). I have 3 kids. I come from a family of 3 kids. I wonder if that has anything to do with my fascination with 3's.

*However, I do always eat my m & m's or skittles in 2's. So that shot that theory all to hell.

*My baby girl turned 9 months old on Monday and I totally forgot to take her picture. I always try to take pics on their monthly birthdays until 1 year old.

*Speaking of her...I think she's self-weaning. WAAAAH!!! I'm kinda sad to be seeing it go. She only nursed twice today. Once before we got out of bed and then once before I left for work. That makes me kinda sad.

*I'm excited to go to Matt's party next weekend. I gotta call the sitters and line them up though.

*As excited as I am for that...I'm exactly the opposite about my SIL coming down this weekend. Gah. My house is a disaster and I don't care what people say about "they come to see you, not the house" she will have some snide words to say about it under the guise of "well-meaning intentions".

*I'm doing o.k. on Mt. Dew. I have had like 3 in a week though. I'm finding I'm a LOT more tired without the dew.

*I can't wait to give E her Valentine's Day present. I hope it becomes her lovey because it's so cute!

* I bought 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 5 pairs of panties for $42 last night offline. Including the shipping! Woo-hoo! Ah, I can't wait to have new panties again. The damn black dog has eaten almost all of mine.

*We put a lock on the bedroom door this past weekend. I'm stoked. Because I also went to a Pure Romance party this past weekend. A deaf PR party. I was able to use my sign language but it was eeryily quiet.

*I'm addicted to AFEL (Australian Footy Email League) Yep. I was discussing strategy with Chuck while I was showering today. Good thing I'm not playing him until next week. He thinks he's going to beat me. Hah!

*I have like no pictures from camp. I wish I had a digital in 1997. :( I tried to scan a copy of a picture of Chuck, me, Matt and a few other counselors but it's stuck to the glass in it's frame. We all look so young.

*Chuck is turning 40 this year. I gotta figure out something big. Maybe like a naked lady jumping out of a cake or something. That might be a little traumatic for the kids though.

*Ohhhhh! I was frequenting my cloth diaper board and there was a youtube movie on there about a woman in England who bf her daughter until EIGHT. OMG. EIGHT. Seriously, I know I'm sad about my 9 month old weaning and all, but I would *maybe* bf until 18 months. They actually filmed her bf'ing her girl. Seriously, I knew a girl who started her periods at nine...that's just bordering on mental unstable or something.

*I can't wait to get our newest dipe either...it's red dipe with a yellow biohazard symbol on the bum. Chuck designed it. Any big surprise there?

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Diana said...

OK, seriously, that one had me laughing out loud! you are such an amazing writer...


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