I feel.....more.

I waited for 12 years to do this.

I waited for 12 years to know exactly what was right for me. What was perfect and represented me.

Afterall, I didn't want Tweety Bird tattooed on my ass forever. That's not who I am.

But, this. This is perfect for me. It's beautiful and elegant and explains a huge part of who I am.

And I love it.

I got it done on Saturday for my 31st birthday (at the end of the month). It took about 45-50 minutes to do it and it wasn't bad painways except over the spine. That caused a bit of discomfort but I still lived through it.

It's a Celtic Motherhood knot and in traditional celtic knotwork the children are represented by dots inside the knot. I changed that a bit to be hearts...one heart in emerald green for each of my May babies.

I didn't get the piercing...yet. I asked about it but we were on a tight time table so I didn't. Soon though. Especially after the tattoo and the pain/discomfort associated with it. I told Chuck that I like the pain. I like the reminder that it's there. He laughed and said these are the times he's glad he married me. I guess being a pain junky has its advantages.

I've heard that tattoos are addicting and I can see it. The adrenaline rush was amazing. On the way home, I was already thinking what I could get for my next one. But, considering it took 12 years to decide on this...it might take me a while.


Hannah said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I love it! And if you do end up having more kids, you can add more hearts without too many problems! ;-)

The adrenaline rush is cool, huh?! I was on such a high for the rest of the day.

Sooooo many people say that tattoos are addictive, but I can honestly say I am happy and content with my one. Because I made sure it was something significant and perfect for me, just as you have done. I wasn't about to just get any old thing drawn on me, I think when you put a lot of thought into what you want, there's less of a "need" to get more, because it's so right for you as a person.

So happy that you are so happy with it! It looks great! :-)

noname said...

Love the tat and what it means. I couldn't do it but then I can't stand pain. There are times when I can't just sit there and let them give me a shot that I really need. Can't imagine letting someone stick me a bunch of times. (but that's also a control issue, too, so....)


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