Happy Birthday to me!

So, today is my 31st birthday. My dad called me this morning and asked if I felt any older. YES! was my emphatic reply. I went out on Saturday night for a friend's bachelorette party and 4 beers and some (okay 10) jello shots later and I was smashed with a killer hangover on Sunday. ALL. DAY. LONG.

It started as a hangover and after sitting at the planetarium with my kids and husband and seeing them spin the stars around faster and faster, and making me want to puke, it turned into a migraine. Which made me want to puke.

I'm too old to do that folks.

So, we move onto today. My birthday. I love my birthday. I'm seriously like a small child counting the days until my birthday. Now, I just do it in my head instead of on paper and tell everyone. But, that ticker is there because it's MY. DAY.

I got my tattoo from my husband for my birthday. Well, probably more correctly is I got a tattoo from me for my birthday and told Chuck not to buy me anything else since it was so expensive.

But, that doesn't mean that I don't want to CELEBRATE my birthday. So, yesterday, when he asks "Do I still have to get you a card and SAY happy birthday tomorrow?" I was a little pissy. And today, when nothing (beyond an e-card) is said...and nothing is done when he comes home to remind the kids to tell me happy birthday and nothing is said about small little gifts from my kids to me or a cake or nothing. I was hurt. Depressed. The weight of the world on my shoulders. I know, I acted like a child, but like I said, I love birthdays.

But, just for the record, I'm a huge BIATCH.

How could I think that my husband, whom I know loves me dearly, could forget me is beyond me. But I was sure he had, so I sulked around for an hour till I had to go to work. Again, childish for sure. I'm not saying I'm proud of my behavior.

But, at 7:00 pm when the staff at my work threw me a little party with cake and ice cream who shows up with flowers from Elizabeth, a massager from Luke and a framed piece of Zachary's artwork and all 3 kids but my husband. With chinese for dinner for me.

*smooches* I heart my husband. Seriously. Truly. Love this man.


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!

Awww, what a sweet surprise from your hubby and kids! Gorgeous!! Sorry you had to sweat about it until the end of the day though, thinking they'd forgotten.

I love birthdays too, they ARE special and all of them definitely should be celebrated, no matter what! Glad yours was such a nice one ... in the end :-)

noname said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Great surprise from Chuck and the kids. :)

Diana said...

I'm glad you man made you feel special on your birthday! He is so good at knowing just the right thing for you! :) What a guy!

glad you had a great time, and yes, you are too old for that shit. So am I...LOL It's the way of the world.

Kal El said...

Happy Birthday! It was a day late because the slow Artichoke didn't have that post updated until today and that is where I get my reason to look at other blogs.

jamie j said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I also get very excited for my birthday..on the 22 second of each month i secretly think..hmm..only 11, 10, 9 and so on months to my birthday! And just so you know...I would have acted the same way in your situation...and i do ruin many surprises that way. what people should really learn is to surprise people like us early in the day so we don't get pissed before we get surprised..haha..once again, happy birthday!!! i am glad chuck did remember!!


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