My Husband Rocks: MHR Friday

I feel its far past the time to revive the MHR Friday post.

What is MHR? Well, its a post every Friday where you delve into why your husband ROCKS...whether it's a list of things that he's done that week, something special he's done lately, or just a general post of why he rocks your socks...but a post non-the-less all about the most important man in your life so he knows how much you appreciate him.

Because honestly, in my house, I know I don't say those three words enough. No...not I love you. I do say that. But "I appreciate you."

And right now...I appreciate what a great dad Chuck is. I know sometimes being a parent to a special/high needs child can be tough....but Chuck does a great job with it. He's so hands on and attends all the IEP meetings, goes to the school to deal with the suspensions, talks to the teacher/aide daily as well as does fun things like taking Zachary fishing (which is what he's doing while I'm typing this now....) or Lucas skateboarding on his new skateboard.

I appreciate the fact that he cooked dinner every night this week...except for the night he took Zachary to baseball. And not just macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Pork curry with homemade curry sauce. Steak and chicken on the grill with fiesta vegetables. Spaghetti with garlic toast.

Doing dishes and keeping them up on a nightly basis. I hate HATE the dishes....with a passion. therefore I really appreciate Chuck for doing this particular chore!

I appreciate that he hasn't yelled and screamed at me for messing things up this week. Enough said.

This week is over...but the weekend is just starting and I'm really looking forward to another weekend at home with my loving husband and awesome children.

So until tomorrow-keep on buzzing!


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mom said...

Do you know lucky you are!!!!! But you know, we both are..... it just took alittle longer training for me! lol!

I am so proud of you guys... what I like to say, is you two have become "one"!


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