Ever have one of those days?

Where you are looking forward to something so much that you are actually on time to the function? (Well, maybe that's just my life. I'm always 20 minutes late. I'll be late to my own damn funeral).

But I was ON TIME this morning. With 2 kids in clothes in tow.

And then...NOTHING. Complete and utter disappointment.

Zachary was supposed to be evaluated this morning and the counselor called in sick. So now we have to reschedule the appointment in probably another 2 weeks. *sigh* I seriously almost started crying. (Damn pregnancy hormones). But I was really looking forward to making some kind of progress with this. At least getting something started and on the way with this child.

It's probably a blessing in disguise though because Miss Pam (his teacher) said that he was so good today! And he was wonderful this afternoon...listened to directions and followed through with them. If you miscount the mishap of his mattress ending up off the bed and onto the floor, today was the best day in quite some time. So, I guess it's okay that she didn't come. She needs to see the kids' BAD days :)


Hannah said...

That sucks, Lisa! But perhaps you're right, maybe she wasn't supposed to observe him today since he was so good. You wouldn't want her to come and then say "nothing wrong" ... so it *could* be a blessing in disguise. But I certainly understand you getting upset, I would have too!

Angella said...

I have had a day when everything has gone wrong.


But tomorrow is a new day :)

MamaTink said...

Ugh! Sorry you have to keep waiting even longer!

The little boy that I work with is ASD, his Mom jokingly said the other day that when he's due for his next evaluation she's going to give him a couple clementines :) They also set off his behaviours! Your comment just reminded me of that :)


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh that really IS frustrating.. I hate it when stuff like that happens!


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