I have an alien inside of my stomach.

She is bursting to come out.

Today, while sitting at the computer I swear I saw a little hand pop out of my belly button and try to type something out to her daddy on the email.

Okay.....Okay...Maybe I'm exaggerating a *little* bit. However, everytime I get to this point in my pregnancies (you know the point where you can SEE your stomach moving) I am reminded of the movie Alien. Especially that part where the woman's body starts to move and then an alien head shoots out of her stomach. I know, it's a lovely picture, but I'm reminded of it nonetheless.

Today was the first time I saw this phenomenon. I was sitting there, typing an email to Chuck, and my stomach moved. I just saw it out of the corner of my eye...and then I saw it again. Since then, I don't think that this little girl has sat still.

While the movement is undoubtedly one of the coolest things about pregnancy, one of my favorite things, it's still a little unnerving to see it happening in your own body.

Last Wednesday, I had a midwife appointment and my second ultrasound. We had to have a second ultrasound because of an inability to see everything last time. This time around, the tech was able to see all internal organs and all parts of the brain. I was even able to see all four chambers of the heart pumping away in there. It was really cool. And I asked, just to make sure, and it is still a girl! The little girl is laying transverse across my belly too, which is probably why I'm not popping out like a basketball and why I'm having such pain in my hips.

I also had to do my glucose test checking for gestational diabetes. This is always something that is rather worrisome to me, considering that diabetes is rampant in my family and my grandfather died from diabetic complications. As of yet, I haven't heard anything back regarding that, so I'm assuming it's a good thing.

I did gain 2 lbs this visit. But, I'm totally a-ok with that. Hell, not pregnant I can gain 2 lbs in 2 days, so 2 lbs in a month isn't too shabby. I'm still down a total of 10 lbs this pregnancy.

And now I start going to the midwife every 2 weeks!!!!! I can't believe I'm already in my third trimester. I feel like this pregnancy is absolutely flying by. I know there are days that I can't wait to end, but for the most part I'm so busy with the boys, Chuck, the house, work, that time is flying! We have finally started working on the baby's room, well we've been doing bits here and there...but it's almost cleaned out and we should be able to start tearing down paneling and drywall this weekend. I can't wait to see it finished :)

It's funny how with each consecutive child you get laxer and laxer with things. At this point in my pregnancy with Zachary, I believe we had the room cleared, the bed set up and things hanging in the closet and wall hangings on the wall...all waiting in anticipation for our bundle of joy. With Luke, we knew we were moving, but I still had things ready for the baby...bottles out, cradle set and ready to go, new car seat for Zachary so Luke could have the infant seat.

Now, with our third child...I'm 11 weeks from having her...and the room isn't even cleared out and we have construction and remodeling to do! I guess I just know a little better now just exactly what's needed and what's important. And having a perfect nursery isn't it.


noname said...

My sister is the baby in our family and she's constantly complaining about how lax Mom and Dad were with her. They didn't save her first hair cut trimmings, first tooth, her baby book isn't nearly as filled up as mine....

She's pregnant with her third now and is starting to understand it. Still doesn't stop her from complaining, but she's doing it, too. :)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Woohoo! glad that all the news from the u/s was good :)

I always loved the babies moving in my belly.. for about a day. After that.. uhm.. not so much LOL

Oh well.. all part of the fun eh?

Enjoy these last few weeks :)

Hannah said...

Wow, only 11 weeks to go? That seems to have gone so quickly ... for me anyway, LOL.
I loved feeling the boys kicking and moving, even though both of them wouldn't keep still! Just felt so neat!

MamaTink said...

Wow! I can't blieve it's only 11 weeks! I was the same with my third, still sorting clothes and packing a bag the night before he was delivered! AND still deciding on a name! My oldest had her names picked out for her when I was just a few months pregnant! No worries, though, the love is there, even when the time isn't :)



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