Next Tuesday

Is the day.

The day that I might get some type of answers regarding Zachary.

We've been told that February 20th, the infamous Sheila (the counselor) will be coming to evaluate Zachary within the classroom. She won't be interacting WITH Zachary, just watching him and how he interacts with the teacher, the other students and himself. The teacher, myself and Chuck all have to complete a questionnaire about our experiences with Zachary, as well.

So, we probably won't get any answers that day. But at least I'll feel like we have finally accomplished *something*. That we may be on our way to helping him.

Tuesday of this week we received a letter from our insurance company (after only 6 1/2 months since our initial visit) that they are denying any testing for Zachary. Their reason is that it is only for "educational purposes" and there is nothing medically wrong with him.

Oh, realllly? Wanna come hang out with him 24/7?? Supposedly this Sheila should be able to help with referrels and insurances and appeals to get him whatever he needs. I hope so.

On another note, Zachary asked Chuck the night after he told me he wanted a new mom and dad:

Z: "Daddy, remember how I said I wanted a new momma and daddy?"

C: "Yep"

Z: "That was kind of a mean thing to say wasn't it?"

C: Well yea, buddy, it's wasn't really nice.

Z: I didn't really mean it. I do want you and momma as my momma and daddy.

This kid is really such a sweetheart. It was completely out of the blue and neither Chuck nor I mentioned it to him after my initial conversation with him about it. That's Zachary's saving grace...his sweet nature.


noname said...

That's so cool to hear! Sometimes, just knowing that you're 'doing something' can make all the difference in the world and makes things feel more...what's the word? Managable? Dealable? Doable?

LOL, I'm not sure how to describe it but I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Hannah said...

Aww, what a sweet kid!! He's obviously got a real sensitivity to feelings and emotions. GREAT thing for a young boy to have!

Very cool to hear that you might *start* get some answers about Zachary. Just getting the ball moving (no matter how slowly) has to be a great step forward.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that Zach mentioned that again and have himself thought about it and did not meant it. I knew it. And also I am not surprised to hear about the insurance company anyway!


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