Random Thoughts

* I hate it when people come up and talk and talk and talk and then as soon as you start to say a funny anecdote or something, they are "way too busy to talk" and run the other way. Seriously now, I'm not that boring am I? And IF I am, why talk to me in the first place?

*I think my dog, Jake, caught a mouse and ate it today. I'm so glad he's such a good mouser BUT I'd prefer he did it while I'm not at home. I am getting chills just from thinking about it.

*We have adopted a second dog now too. Kodi. He's a good boy. But DAMN that dog is ALWAYS underfoot. And he's a Lab/Chow mix so he's not small! I feel like I'm constantly tripping over him. But he's a good protector, and I know that's why he wants to always be where I'm at (or Chuck).

*Where did my sweet, always happy, ready to do anything for you Lucas go to? Oh wait. He's almost 3. *sigh* I think if I hear "But it's not FAIR!" one more time I'm going to scream. Or the whining, or crying, or temper tantrums. I told Mom that today and she laughed. Said "you were the same way, Lis" Great. Now I get to look forward to more of me from my second child.

*Sometimes you can hear partial stories from people and think "What the hell? My friend is an absolute crackhead!" That happened to me today...I don't know the whole story but there is something about snorting pixie sticks (I learned not to do that in 5th grade...I thought I was cool) and gumbo. I don't think I want to know anymore. I'd like to still think of my friend as somewhat intelligent.

*I've been reading another blog called Onion Rings and usually laugh every time I read it. As I was reading one of her posts from recent days, I was so happy to know I'm not the only anal person regarding the correct usage of words. In particular, your and you're. I HATE reading spelling errors and inproper usage of words. However, I don't always go back and correct my own mistakes. Go figure. (Oh, and this is the American English language I'm referring to...not the other one from across the pond).

*I love it when I come home to a clean house. It's so nice to come in the door and not trip over toys. I wish we could always have it that way when daddy comes home, but he comes home in the afternoon and the boys are still playing!

*My head is hurting for the second day in a row now. Yesterday I thought it was due to lack of caffeine in my diet (I didn't stop for my morning coke). However, I DID stop today and I still have a headache. Oh, and heartburn. Yay for pregnancy.

*Tomorrow is gymnastics day for Luke and mommy. But I still don't know if they'll be open. Bad mommy for not calling earlier today.

*I had this really, really funny thing I wanted to mention in my RT for today, but I forgot. Damn pregnancy brain.


MLA said...

Thanks for reading!

I read you too!

Head Artichoke said...

I don't know where the pixie sticks idea came from. I was taking my vodka through a straw and then inexplicably got drunk. We ran out of vodka and there was gumbo available. I mean, that's not that strange.

Lisa said...

In your comments, R the E said something about snorting pixie sticks.

And "snorting" means something entirely different to me than drinking through a straw.

noname said...

Oh man, my blog always has at least one spelling error and a grammatical one or two. I'm not as anal about them as I used to be or should be, but you'd never know I used to proof copies (newspaper, middle and high school, every year) before printing.

I've often wondered why no one comes to visit when my house is nice and clean. It can be clean for days on end and the doorbell says silent. Let me slack off for one day and half the neighborhood comes by.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh don't forget the their there they're problem! That one gets my goat too!

Head Artichoke said...

Snorting meant through the nose. I guess I forgot to mention that.

MamaTink said...

Did Zachary start growing horns when he turned 3?? My Aidan did. guests and family rarely get to see then because the horns recede into his hair a little when there are other people around...but I swear they started growing on his third birthday. I bet Lucas will be the same.

Also, pregnacy brain becomes permanent once you have 3 kids. Just thought I should give you a fair warning :)



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