99 Luftballoons

So, this really doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the song at all. Just a funny story involving my oldest son, Zachary.

I have a red bra. It's see-through and really hot and of course, my hubby loves it because it's the most uncomfortable bra I have. But my boobs do look good in it.

I was in my bedroom dressing one day when Zachary walked in. I told him to go out and get ready to go that momma was getting dressed. I hadn't put my bra on yet...and he asked what that metal bar was through your booby. I explained that mommy had a ring through her nipples just like I have a ring through my ears. I hurriedly put my red bra on (I had NO other bras washed that day).

He points to my boobs and says "Hey, look momma, you have 2 red balloons!"

OMG, I don't know how I stopped myself from dying of laughter. "Yep, buddy sure looks like it doesn't it?"

Chuck got a HUGE kick out of it, of course.

So, not much has been said from Zachary about it since I stopped wearing that red bra.

Until today.

I was picking him up from school and his little friend said "Hey Zachary, you're mommy is going to get a new baby!"

Zachary said "YEP! And you know what else she's got? TWO big red balloons right here!" and spreads his hands across his chest.

Luckily the teachers didn't hear, and there were no questions...so I chuckled to myself and high tailed it out of there!


Hannah said...

Kids ... they say the darndest things!!

MamaTink said...

LMAO! that's hilarious!

Angella said...

THAT's funny!!



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