Heroes and Superheroes

Ever wonder how a kid looks at heroes?

Like superheroes. That's what they relate them too. Heroes may not have cool super powers such as turning things to ice or having knives come out of their hands (Luke LOVES Wolverine from X-men) but they have powers none the less.

Wonder how I know this?

We were driving by a veterens cemetary and there were three flags plus the United States flag (which Zachary calls our national state flag). He asked what the three flags were for. So Chuck explained that they were for the Army, Navy and Airforce.

Zachary, being the questioner that he is, needed to know more. What does that mean?

Chuck explained that they fight for our country, to keep us safe and to protect us and our rights.


So they're all like superheroes?

Yes, yes, they are sweetie. And let's hope none of us ever forgets that.


Hannah said...

They certainly are heroes - he is on the right track there ;-)

noname said...

Absolutely! It takes a superhero to fight for someone's right to belittle them, and do so willingly.

More people need to think like him!


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