I got MEAT today!!!

And, um, get your mind out of the gutter ;) Although Chuck was home from work today (sick, yea, right) we both took a nap while the boys were napping. That seems more important to this pregnant momma right now anyways!

But, we did go to the butcher and pick up our 1/4 steer. YAY! I'm soooo looking forward to having a nice juicy, home-grown, corn-fed Porterhouse steak on Saturday. AND it should still be nice so we can have it on the grill. It's the only way to do it!

I grew up with steers, hogs, and rabbits, so there was always fresh, home-grown meat in the fridge. I missed that for our first 8 years together. But now, I work with a woman who raises Holsteins for slaughter and we get our meat from her. There is just something so satisfying about having a deep freeze full of steaks, roasts and hamburg. Great tasting steaks, roasts and hamburg nonetheless!

But now, I guess I should be careful. There was a new study concerning the connection between the amount of beef consumed during pregnancy and your unborn son's sperm count. Soooo, wonder what the connection will be made next for girls. *insert some sarcasm*

I guess I don't take a lot of stock in these "studies". The basis for this is them asking mom's their consumption of beef. But were other things taken in account? Say, intake of caffeine? Location of the mommas? Maybe it's something like in Erin Brockevich where there is underground chemicals creating problems. I'm just so sick of everything being blamed on the "unhealthy" cow. Everything in moderation, people.

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Hannah said...

MMmmmm ... steak ... (Homer Simpson styles)

I personally can't see how something so delicious can be so bad for you. Yes, I know chocolate is delicious and it makes you fat and rots your teeth, but steak???? STEAK IS GOOD!!


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