I'm weird....I know that.

But this post is going to prove that.

There are a few people out there I find hot. Usually it has to do somewhat with an accent.
But there are a few that makes even me scratch my head.

Mr. Tumnus from Narnia. He's pretty hot AND he has an accent.

I think it has to do with the expressiveness in his eyes. I was watching Narnia the other day with the boys and his eyes and eyebrows just struck me as so sexy. I find a man who can talk with their eyes VERY attractive. One of the reasons I fell for my husband and why I love winks.
And then there is this one. Why? I don't know. I think it goes
back to the expressiveness in his features during the commercials. I wonder what he looks like WITHOUT makeup.

I was told by Chuck today that ABC has purchased the rights to make a sitcom of the Geico caveman from the commercials. I'll be interested to see it because quite frankly the commercials almost make me pee my pants. Well, it's not really that hard to do anymore BUT they are pretty funny.

Okay, so I find out that one of the cavemen is Ben Weber. Funnily enough he's not that hot as a non-caveman guy. Shucks.

It's very sad that I'm spending my lunch hour looking this shit up. Lately I've been all about deep random thoughts that mean absolutely nothing.


LOL...I'm probably gonna have to explain that one later.

1 comment:

noname said...

If the gecko from geico comes to visit the cavemen, then I'll watch.

They are funny commercials though. One of the few I'll unmute my tv for.


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