Cookie making time!

I love to bake. I love Christmas cookies. So it would make sense that I love to bake Christmas cookies.

But I don't. I SUCK at making rolled out sugar cookie cut outs. I just can never seem to get the dough the right thickness, the right texture, nothing. It's usually just a frustrating mess. And that's if I'm alone.

Add in the kids, and I usually end up screaming. So a few years ago, Chuck said "this is supposed to be fun!" So, the next week someone sent me a recipe for making Christmas cookies...that involved no baking, no rolling out dough, nothing. Just decorating and having fun.

So we've made it a family tradition of sorts. I've been on the lookout this year for more easy to make Christmas cookies and have added a few to my book; hopefully, I'll be doing those ones with the kids over the next few days. Gotta have cookies for Santa, afterall!

Lucas got to sprinkle the red sprinkles for Santa's hat.
Zachary was the one who dipped the Nutter Butters in white chocolate to make Santa's beard and his hat.

Even E got in on the action. "Isn't there supposed to be yummy chocolate in here?"

And our finished project:


Anonymous said...

They look so cute!!! Often the decorating part is the most fun, so good idea to skip the baking part ;-)

Hannah said...

Oops, "anonymous" was me!! Clicked the wrong button!

Anonymous said...

Ahh that was from me, with the receipe! Glad to see you used it as well! You did awesome job!


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