Scrapblogging may be my new addiction!

As if I needed new things to keep me busy, I have discovered Scrapblog. How cool is this? I can actually use my pics directly from photobucket and create my own scrapbook pages. I bet Chuck would love this because I could just print them out and no extra work involved. Plus, I love the fonts. I'm not a big fan of my handwriting and I'm inpatient so the special handwriting techniques...while I'm sure I could master them...just annoy me because I want it now. (Yes, I'm all about instant gratification.)

I may have to fool around with this a bit more and see what else I can do!


Angella said...

I did one scrapblog in an attempt to get to BlogHer - it's pretty easy.

Have you checked Shutterfly and their photo books?


Staci Schoff said...

Oh is she gorgeous!

But I don't scrapbook (totally not creative in that way). I'm up to only about 3 years behind for getting all my photos into albums now though. ;)


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