What a week!

It's been one of those busy weeks, where I wonder how exactly I kept my ever-so-slightly-there sanity. I had hoped that after NaBloPoMo ended I would keep up with my blogging every day. Because quite frankly I enjoyed it. A lot. However, it seems that my slacker side says to me "Hey...there's no one watching and expecting a post every day so don't do it". But as I was talking to a friend last night, I figured I NEED to blog. I need this release. I need these memories written down so I can look back as my kids get older and remember the good times. And the bad too.

Such as last Friday. It was Zachary's first ever school dance...a Snow Ball. The whole family was invited (well preschool through 4th grade...we took E anyways). It was weird to say the least to have your baby at a school dance....complete with refreshments and pictures. They had a contest for cutest mother/son and daddy/daughter dance. Zachary and I didn't win. Chuck and Elizabeth however did. I don't think Chuck had much to do with that one though. Lucas would have one had they had a contest for "best dance with your favorite food" because while I was twirling the floor with his brother, he was twirling the floor with a brownie. At least he was dancing with something he loved. We got our picture taken as a family and while it's not the best pic in the world of us, it's an amazing picture for the memories.

We also saw a new dr. for Zachary last night. This one is in our insurance network and a lot closer than the 1 hour 40 minute drive we have now, so that is nice. I wasn't really sure about him at first, but after realizing he didn't understand that Zachary was already ON medication and we were just there to switch dr.'s and continue that medication, things improved. At one point, he said "I don't understand. He looks fine..he's playing with his sister well and behaving appropriately." Chuck and I both said simultaneously "Yea. NOW! He's on his meds." So we discussed the importance for behavioral therapy. Not just for him, but for all of us. Because we all know I don't relate as well as I could to the kids and Chuck has been considering getting back on his meds, which I 100% encourage. So we shall see how all that pans out in the near future.

Saturday was our first Christmas with the families. I love spending time with my mom's family because of all the kids. There is like 12 now under the age of 8 and they all get along, for the most part, amazingly well. Zachary was so well behaved and well, Lucas had way too many cookies. Way too many. Elizabeth got a cookie pot shape sorter for Christmas and he used it as a cookie jar. One for other people, one for him, two for others, one for him. And so on. I honestly have no idea how many cookies that boy actually had. But at least he was sharing!

While at Christmas on Saturday, my mom told me that she's had an MRI done and they will be doing more tests in January because they feel she has had a stroke. I'm scared. I'm scared shitless actually. My mom is my best friend, next to my husband. She is my confidant, my supporter, my sounding board, and sometimes my slap back to reality (whether I Like it or not). There are things I don't tend to think about and losing my parents is one of them. But hearing her talk about possibly having a stroke and the fact she's had neuropathy in her feet for damn near 3 years (which is not a diabetic side effect...they don't know why) I was hit with the realization that my mom isn't young anymore. She'll be 57 in February and while that's not old in today's day and age, it's also not a spring chicken. I cannot imagine my mother not being with me or being in a less than desireable state of mind. I don't want to imagine.

On a bit of a lighter note, Elizabeth is *this close* to crawling on her hands and knees. She gets up there and moves her one leg forward but then nothing. I am thinking maybe by Christmas. This is weird for me...the boys were already cruising at this point, but I"m kinda thankful for the reprieve.

Got a busy week ahead of me. I'm working modified, which means 4 ten hour days and virtually no sleep. But I needed to have Friday off for Luke's Christmas program at preschool (it's private so they still have a Christmas program. I'm happy about that!) so this is how I accomplish that. I'm hoping to blog more this week, but we'll see if I don't just pass out after I take the boys to school.


Hannah said...

Wow, you have been busy! That school dance sounds great, I wish they had those here. I suppose we have discos but that's not the same. Cute that Chuck & Elizabeth won best Daddy & Daughter dance!

Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope the MRI shows everything is normal, and puts your mind at ease. I understand what you mean though, I feel the same way about my parents as they get older (mine are only 52 but I still feel like that). ((HUGS))

noname said...

I check your blog through my rss reader. :P

You really have been busy! The first dance my kids had was in middle school. Which meant barely anyone danced, lol.

Keeping your mom in my prayers! Congrats to Chuck and E! Bet they were cute!

XOXOXO said...

Wow...super crazy week. You will love reading back over this later in life. These memories are precious!

My Mom and I are identical to you and yours. Mine has had 2 strokes, and as hard as it is, it does get better. I promise.

Keep you nose down and your shoulders strong and you guys will get through it!



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