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Well, I'm moving to nights. There's lots and lots of reasons why. Financial, family and career oriented reasons. Our goal is to both be on days within the next year. That way when Zachary is ready to go into kindergarden we are able to be at home with him in the evenings.
Zachary is becoming more and more outspoken and mouthy. My mom laughs at me because some of the things he's saying are EXACTLY what I said to her. But like I tried to explain I was saying them at 11, not 3 1/2!!!!

I swatted his hand the other day for grabbing something he wasn't supposed to be getting. His response was "That didn't hurt!" I remember saying that to my mom. Several times. I guess you reap what you sew!

Last night I asked him to do something and he ignored me and stuck his tongue out at me. He hasn't done that ever. So I told him that he would not be getting his after school treat. Then he tried to back peddle what happened. Him: "But I had a bug in my mouth." Me: "Zachary, there was no bug in your mouth. I do not like liers." Him: "Well, there was a bug outside and I was sticking my tongue out at him and blah, blah, blah." Yes, my 3 year old son actually said blah, blah, blah. I really had to watch myself to keep from laughing about that because honestly I say that all the time. But this lying thing is getting worse. I guess some people would say that he has a very good imagination. However, I do not want that imagination to get out of hand.
And wow....the blaming is starting already. Lucas can't even say Zachary yet but he definitely gets his point across that it was his brother and not him that did something. It usually goes something like this:


Zachary: Lucas did it!

Lucas: Runs to me, grunting and pointing in Zachary's direction. Usually crying.

In these instances, they usually both get in trouble because typically one of them did something to the other and the other retaliated. Both do something they know they aren't supposed to do. I hope that when they get older they get smarter about this like my brothers and I and cover each others back and then hold it against the other one as blackmail for future use! *LOL*

Have you ever looked at your kids and the traits that they are exhibiting and wonder what they are going to be like when they are pre-teens, teens, and young adults? I've thought about this...and we see it whenever the boys are playing and playing with the things that they choose to play with.

Zachary is our artist. He loves to paint and create. Do crafts with me. He's still an incredibly active and agile boy and loves to get dirty, but is usually creating something in the dirt or sand or on the concrete. He's so sensitive and empathic. I see him being very much like my younger brother and I. We were always the people that everyone went to with problems. Because we were empathic and tried our hardest to help everyone. Like this morning, I was coughing. Nothing big. Zachary was very concerned and asked "are you okay mommy? Are you sure?"

Lucas is our jock. He's active and agile and all out daredevil. He loves to throw balls, hit balls, kick balls, and try to make baskets. Anything that has to do with sports he loves. He hates to sit and try to color or draw or create things. That's boring for him....give him a ball and he'll play for hours.

Now obviously we are going to encourage the boys to try everything. Get to know exactly what you like. We do not plan on ever telling them no you can't do that...because that's not your "thing" but it's interesting to see how brothers can be so different.


Angella said...

It's so neat to see how God can create 2 totally different boys from the same 2 parents :)

nzmommy said...

Somedays I think I have my girls pegged! Then something changes and I think, 'I can see her being like that'. For the most part now though, Lauryn is Kamryn's shadow. It's great you see how they are and how different they are. It's also awesome that you will be encouraging them to try new things as well. We hope to do the same thing!

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