Mine, not the boys'!

I don't know why I've been thinking about this lately but I figured I would blog about it and get it off my mind! I've never considered myself and incredibly quirky person, but the last month or so I keep noticing things that I do that make me wonder "why?". And do I want my kids doing stuff like this? At least it's nothing too terribly weird. At least I don't think so!

* When I get up to shut off the alarm in the morning, I have to lay back down facing the opposite direction from what I was laying when I got up. I actually think about it and make a conscience decision to lay the opposite way.

* I use the 1st, 3rd or 5th bathrooms at work. If one of them are out of order for some reason, I can use the 2nd or 4th one, but it just feels weird!

* Going to sleep, I have to have the blanket between my feet and rub my feet together.

* When Chuck and I actually used to sleep together...my butt always had to touch a piece of his body in order to sleep. It's not so much a big deal now because I'm used to falling asleep without him, but I know when I go back to night and he's in bed first, I'll do it again.

* I eat my food in layers if it's layered. I.E. Twix candy bars. They have to be eaten caramel first, then the cookie bottom. Snickers? Same way. The peanut butter and chocolate Little Debbies? Those are eaten layer for layer until they are gone.

* When I'm very tired or very upset, I still suck my finger. I know, I know...I'm almost 29. But it's a comfort thing. That's why I never pushed Zachary very hard about quitting the binky...I think if you push it it becomes even more of a comfort for the kiddo.

* One that is of particular annoyance to my hubby: When drinking from a 2 liter (yes, I actually drink from a 2 liter on occassion) I press in the sides of the bottle and put the cap back on without pressing them back out. So it's dented in when he goes to get a drink...it drives him nuts. I never knew I did that...but now I make an effort to pop the bottle back out (unless I'm irritated with him! *L*)

Those are the ones that I can think of right now. I'm sure my hubby could list tons more!


Angella said...

Neat quirks...I think everybody has them, just different ones :)

Julie Q said...

I unroll swiss rolls and eat them by the layers. he he Oh yum, I haven't had one in years! :)


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