Seven Deadly Sins

So I posted a while ago that I was having anger attacks. I would link to that post but honestly I don't know how!

The sermon last weekend at church was regarding Anger. And how it is one of the seven deadly sins. The sermon was awesome. And 100% totally. hit. home. To the hubby too.

Father Jim used 3 balloons to illustrate his point. One balloon represented taking your anger and giving into it and blowing up. Loudly. Boisterously. Making it known to EVERYONE that you are not happy.

The second balloon represented taking your anger and internalizing it. Keeping it all in. That balloon of anger NEVER goes away. It's always there. Building up and causing resentment.

The third balloon represented forgiveness. And the best way to deal with anger. How the best way to dissolve your anger is to forgive. Forgive the person you think you are angry at, and forgive the situation that created the anger inside of you. But also to forgive yourself.

Here's to more forgiving.


Julie Q said...

It's a good way of thinking Lisa. :)

It is hard to forgive the drivers during drive time though. :)

Angella said...

Forgiveness does amazing things...for BOTH parties :)


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