The Good Ole Days

For some reason, I was incredibly nostalgic yesterday. To the point of sadness really. I don't know what caused this sudden burst of nostalgia. It could have been going through my college alma mater town last night. It could have been the fact I just had a really bad day and was wishing for simpler times when I had no bills to pay, no worries in the world except which bar I was going to for the weekend and if my friends were mad at me. It could have been seeing pictures of my friend's daughter's dance costume. What was I thinking about?

I was remembering the times I was in dance class until I was 13. And how on every Monday in the 10 minutes between classes, me and Sarah and a couple of other girls would run downstairs to Luea's Pharmacy and get a treat. Sometimes it was a 10 cent sucker, sometimes a candybar or a pop. But you could always hear one of the other classes going on upstairs. The tap-tap-tapping of the tapshoes. I miss dancing.

I was remembering college. How carefree it was. How my friends and I all lived within steps of each other since we all lived within four rooms of each other in the dorm. I remember the first time Chuck told me he loved me and how I ran across the hall in tears (he told me on the phone) to Heather's room where everyone was watching ER and said "He said IT!" and all my friend's where so happy for me.

I was remembering what it was like to just have one child. We (meaning Zachary, Lucas and I) went to a birthday party last night for a 2 year old at Ceasarland. Holy Moly! Trying to chase both of them by myself was insane! And there were all the mom's talking about being tired chasing one! Ah, they'll learn what it's like to be going in two different directions at all times. Plus, Lucas was being so incredibly whiny last night. I think he's hitting into his terrible two's. Yipee. (insert deep sarcasm)

Ah, the simpler times. And yet, I love my life as it is now. Just wish it were simpler sometimes!

I was reprimanded yesterday for internet usage at work. But just not the fact I have been checking my blogs. Apparantly, they are saying that I have viewed sexual material. I can honestly say I have NEVER viewed sexual material at work. I was kind of offended by the suggestion. But no one wants to find out what sites I viewed because that could get other dept's and areas involved. So now I feel like I've been dubbed a pervert by everyone. It just irritates me that I've been singled out when two of my co-workers spend just as much if not more time on the internet as I do. And considering I don't take my breaks or lunch, I feel that I'm justified for taking some time out during my day to take a mental break. But not now ;(

Chuck was offered a job last night. After receiving notice that he didn't get the other day job, they've found a different one for him on days and are offering it to him without even posting it. Chuck is incredibly upset for the way they are "manipulating" us. And of course, his sense of fairness comes out because he's being offered the position around the typical UAW rules and regulations of offering jobs. The State can do this when they want to. But have the need to move, and oops, sorry can't do anything. But why would they just offer him a position? Because they want me on nights and they have to move him off of nights in order for me to be the lead worker. Chuck and I discussed this a little bit last night. Wondering what exactly to do. And as much as I hate us being on opposite shifts and having them move us around like they are trying to do, the extra $300-$400 a month would be so handy right now. I'm so behind in bills and it is frustrating and stressful. I think there are other jobs opening up that are promotions for me soon, so I may just take the lead worker and then in 6-8 months move to a higher level position with more money again. At least it will get me out of downtown where everyone thinks I'm a pervert. I just never have felt like I really fit in over there. Ah, the decisions that have to be made! This would be a big shift for the boys. They will love seeing their daddy every night...I'm a *little* worried at how he's going to do for the 2 or 3 hours that he has them alone but the meds have been helping wonders and so hopefully things will be okay. Plus, he'll be getting his sleep still and that's a big contributor to his mood. It also means pulling the boys out of their current daycare and finding another daycare that charges for half days. Our current daycare is pay full price no matter what. I really like Zachary being in preschool...but not enough to be paying $400 a month for it. I just hope if we do make the switches it's not too difficult on the boys.


Julie Q said...

I think kids adjust fairly easily to situations. Be sure and sit them down and explain things out. When I went to work midnights/evenings, my kids handled it ok. They were 9 months, 2 1/2 and 5 1/2. They weren't in daycare, but if your boys are already going, they would probably adjust to another one.

As for preschool, almost 3/4 of the school year is over. I wouldn't stress if he couldn't finish the year. Maybe look into some things like story times at your library or Barnes and Noble does them too.

Oh and that stinks about your work. I hope you can get the position you want to there.

Good luck, I hope it all works out for your family.

Hannah said...

Hey Lisa,

Just wanted to say (((Hugs))))
I know what it is like to be feeling blah, I hope you have a much better day today. And I often remember the days of having only one child - you need to read my latest post about Tyler's tantrums to understand why I am tearing MY hair out right now!! Terrible Twos at 18 months!!
Stink about what happened at work. I am the same as you, I don't take breaks and feel it is OK for me to surf the net a little during the day instead of that. Luckily I have never been reprimanded, but if I was I would be really upset. That sucks.

Angella said...

Sorry about your work situation...maybe the new job is meant to be then :)
And I'm sure the boys will adjust - they have 2 loving parents at home to support them :)


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