Ash Wednesday

Well, today starts Lent for us Catholics. During Lent, we give up the things that we enjoy the most in order to sacrifice ourselves in the way Jesus sacrificed for us. So I gave up sweets and pop. Ambitious? Definitely. I figured maybe I would try losing some weight during this time as well by eating better. So I packed a pretty healthy lunch and had a small breakfast, am drinking my water, and have had no pop. And I. am. starving! I can eat nothing all day long any other day but the minute I say I'm going to eat healthier, less, or cut something out I have a raging appetite. Some may say I don't really want to lose weight. But I do! I think my mind is all screwed up when it comes to eating. But is that the only thing that is making my tummy grumble and my head hurt? Oh yea, I just absolutely love the no caffeine, no sugar migraines. On top of the period migraines. Just lovely. But I'm not giving up this time. I'm not giving into the freaking headache. I noticed my figure in the window at 3:30 am this morning and disgusted myself. I thought to myself "How can that man, sitting there eating his dinner, find me even remotely attractive?" But he still does. But I bet he'd find me WAY more attractive about 100 lbs lighter!!! So, I'm gonna be more irritable while my body adjusts to these things I'm doing to it. I hate being such a downer! So here's to many more days (46 to be exact) of no sweets, no pop and healthy eating. Hopefully after that 46 days I'll be a lot lighter and be able to keep this up!


Angella said...

Here's to healthy eating! Any weight loss is just a bonus :)

I hope the headaches stop soon :)

Julie Q said...

I know it is hard, but so worth it Lisa. :)

I'm only about a week into eating better and I feel so much better for it. :)

Hannah said...

Good luck, Lisa!!!


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