Do you remember where you were?

On this day, just 5 years ago?

I do.

I was in the store where my husband worked picking out our wedding flowers. Yep. What a joyous occasion to be associating with the most tragic thing (I think) to have happened in my lifetime.

I remember when someone came into the breakroom and said a plane hit the first Twin Tower. We were all like "how the heck did someone hit the tower?"

Then, the second plane hit. We found a t.v. And sat huddled around a little t.v. wondering what the heck was happening to our world as we knew it.

Flowers no longer really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

I went to work a little bit later and we sat huddled around the radio there. Listening, worrying. My regional director's boyfriend was in the air at the time headed to the east coast. We hadn't heard anything from him or about him.

We were only blocks from the Michigan capital building.

After a few hours, it was VERY clear that we were going to be slow that day...and considering our location the CEO of the company sent us home, just in case.

I went home and glued myself to the t.v. Crying. Watching all of those fire fighters risking their lives and dying.

I felt personally attacked. I felt personally scared. I have a family full of fire fighters. All in Michigan, but I know how scary it is to watch them go into dangerous situations. I kept thinking about those men and women's families. Their children. I still cry thinking about it or seeing footage from that day.

Chuck and I both said that we didn't want to bring children into this world.

2 days later we found out we were pregnant with our first son, Zachary. Chuck and I cried. How could we think of bringing a child into this world of craziness and hate and unexpected? (Let alone the fact we weren't ready and not married).

Now, 5 years later, I look back and am so grateful for my son. And grateful for all those emergency responders that risk their lives to save ours.


Anonymous said...

interesting... that day I was at college.. found out my class was cancelled but had no idea why.. then I saw all buddies watching TV in the hallway so I was like what s going on and was shocked.. then I finally went to my apartment, and got bunches of phone call messages from my family members. They were very worried about me becuase I was in New York that time and they were in Michigan. I was only 6 hours away from NYC but still..

Anonymous said...

By the way it s me, Amanda..

Angella said...

I remember that day too...spent it glued to the TV.

And one of my best friends had her son on that day.

Hannah said...

Spooky, Lisa!
Because I found out I was pregnant on that day. September 11, 2001. I remember being so scared and so nervous about bringing a baby into a world where something like that could happen.
5 years on, I still cry when I see pictures of it all. I still feel sad for the people who died, for those who lost their loved ones. I still feel a sense of anxiety about the world we live in.
I will always remember.

Jenn said...

Lisa, thanks for sharing your reflections 5 years later. I don't think any of us will forget - around the world, it impacted everyone who had access to a television.
We were actually in the US on vacation that day. Stranded because they closed the border when we were supposed to be going home.


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