What's up with my dreams?

Last night I had a dream that startled me so bad it literally woke me up...in a cold sweat. But that's just because I HATE rats/mice. With. a. passion.

It all started out very nice. I was having dinner with some friends from college whom I haven't seen since my freshman year. (IRL, one of these friends just recently contacted me via myspace!)

We were at an Applebee's and it was right on a nice clear pretty lake. We finished up and were leaving when in the foyer to the Applebees were three HUGE rats that were mutilated and only the heads were lying there with BIG teeth in hissing positions. I screamed...that's when I woke up.

I wonder what that all means! I've checked out some online dream dictionaries but none of it is making sense when you put it all together.

I guess just chalk it up to weirdness.

1 comment:

Julie Q said...

Very wierd dream. I hope you don't have it again. I hate to have dreams like that more than once.


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