Is the natural world trying to tell me something???

Last night I had a VERY clear dream that I remembered when I woke up.

I dreamt that I had JUST taken a pregnancy test and it was positive. In my dream, I told Chuck and we were both ecstatic.

Now, when I was barely pregnant (I mean I hadn't even taken a preg test yet) I had the same potty traing dream. When I had it with Lucas, I woke up and told Chuck I was pregnant. He laughed. 2 weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test.

Then later tonight, I asked Lucas and Zachary what they wanted for Christmas. Lucas replied: "a baby, momma".

Zachary then about 1 hour later hit my boob and it hurt (rug burn..another story ;)) so I asked him not to do that again. His reply? "Why momma? Do you have another baby in your tummy?"

Okay, seriously, is someone trying to tell me something?


Anonymous said...

Oh boy!.. now I am waiting to hear your annoucement.. LOL Kidding??


nzmommy said...

Wow, Lisa! Could it be possible? Are you wanting another one??? Surely I would have seen the update further up!


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