Short stories about the boys:


Actual conversation with daddy on Wednesday night.

Z: Mmmmmm....Daddy, can I have a bite of that? (pointing at Chuck's butterfinger ice cream bar).

D: Well, I don't know....(he should have been sleeping otherwise he'd have had his own).

Z: But I really, really like it!

D: How do you know that?

Z: (incredulous...he's the master of that) Well, it's COVERED in CHOCOLATE!

That's a daddy's boy right there!


While picking him up from school this morning, I was informed he was a brut. Well, nothing new to me, they've told me numerous times how incredibly strong and agile he is.

But this was different. He was apparently a mean boy today. Daycare said they didn't know what was wrong with him. He NEVER acts like this.

Zachary caught him biting another little boy. Then when Zachary called him out on it, Lucas threw rocks in Zachary's face. The list went on.

So I ask Lucas:

Where you a mean little boy today?

L: Yep. I was.

Honesty from a two year old. Lovely.


-Lo said...

Ha Ha!!! Kids are GREAT!
Loved these stories!

Hannah said...

Those are great stories, Lisa!! You'll be pleased you documented them :-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha they are cute :o)



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