So well behaved...

That's what someone told me today about *MY* children. *gasp*

Well-behaved? Are you crazy?

But then I watched them compared to the other 15 munckins there at the playdate, dumping food on the floor, dumping toys everywhere...

Wow. They were being well-behaved. Minus the running from one room to the next yelling "catch me mommy!" But he was just having fun...and so was I!

I think the reason why this mommy said it was Zachary's manners. He's such a polite kid most of the time. This instance he had just asked for cake by saying "May I please have a piece of cake too, Miss Jodi?" That's my boy.

It was crazy at the playdate but a lot of fun. I got to talk to a couple of momma's I don't usually talk to or see and the boys played very, very well with everyone today. And actually cleaned up when asked. It helped that they were driving dump trucks around, loading the toys into them and then dumping them.

One incident happened today that marred my "good mommy" image though. A friend came to me and said Lucas was wet. I was like, huh? Wet? Thinking how the heck did he get wet? There's no drinks out, we're all inside, he hasn't been into the bathroom...so how did he get all wet? I went and checked him out and sure enough his butt was soaked. I smelled his pants (ewwww...gross...I know to all those un-mothers anyways) and sure enough it was pee. WTH???

I took his pants down and he didn't have a freaking diaper on!!!!!! All the other moms were laughing at me because I was like WTH? He doesn't have a diaper on? You'd think that a "good mommy" would know or remember that they didn't put a diaper on! But I had JUST picked him up from DAYCARE before I went to the playdate...I hadn't changed him yet! He did have a diaper on, but it was down around one ankle!!! Apparently, they didn't have it velcroed very tight and came loose. Wonderful. So then I could tell my boy from the fact he was running around in just a diaper, shirt and socks. He looked mighty cute though :)


Hannah said...

Sounds like your boys are very polite, Lisa! That's great. And something to be very proud of!

The diaper thing is funny! I did the same with Tyler when I went to Ethan's Kindergarten registration day. He pooped and I had no diapers so he was running around without out. He kept going in and out of the bathrooms but thankfully he didn't wet himself! But I got a few strange looks from the other mums, that's for sure!! Like, "look at her, she doesn't even pack spare diapers" ... but we live just 5 min walk away and I thought the meeting was gonna be quick!! ROFL :-)

Angella said...

Nathan sometimes has his diaper come off and slide out his pant leg...funny, but damp!


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