Okay, Okay...

So, I've been not blogging about something very important in my life. I have my reasons. But it's also kept me from blogging much at all because a big part of my life I couldn't share yet. There are still people in my life that do not know that yes, I amHaha!!! I've been leaving little hints here and there, but I wanted to tell my family first since my mom does occassionally read the blog and I really didn't want her to find out that way!

I'm currently 10 weeks along and I'm feeling pretty okay now. For the most part. Poopy diapers and well for that matter even mine make me want to throw up, but I think I'm starting to get past the morning sickness all day long thing. I am completely and utterly exhausted though. Hell, I feel asleep during my break tonight sitting at my pc. I'm sure I was quite the site! I am having all kinds of weirdo cravings that I never had with the boys. For example, pickles and bacon, pickles and ice cream, and most recently saurkraut and ice cream. I don't eat them TOGETHER but with each other...ya know...like both for one meal. Grosses Chuck out!

The questions before people ask:

#1 Yes, we are hoping for a little girl this time. We didn't want a girl when we were pregnant with the boys but now we are thinking a girl would round out our family nicely.

#2 No, this was not planned. Well, not totally. We weren't actively trying, but we weren't actively preventing either. This isn't a bad thing...just means a more crowded 3 bedroom home and a lot more baby toys.

So there. Now I'll be blogging all about my bloated belly, how my pants won't fit and how my hormones have me crying at work.

Amanda~I know you've known all along :) I'll be telling people at work next week, so HUSH HUSH till then!


nzmommy said...

Ahhhhhhh, now your post on my blog makes sense ;) But I can't be pregnant, you have to have sex for that to happen, right???? LOL!!! Congrats, Lisa!!! I soooooooo hope you get the girl you dream of! I know everyone wants a healthy baby but it doesn't hurt to root for one sex or the other. I wondered if you wanted any more or if it was the end of the line for you guys. Oh, so exciting and we'll get to go through it with you! Congrats again :)

Hannah said...

Well aren't I Ms. Observant, LOL!! I KNEW you were, and couldn't figure out why you didn't just say so!! Now I understand ;-)

Anyway, my biggest heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! I hope you do get a little girl, that would be so wonderful after 2 boys (as great as boys are, those pink girly clothes racks are SO hard to walk past, aren't they?) ... so fingers crossed for ya!!

Angella said...


One of your comments had me wondering...but I didn't want to ask :)

-Lo said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! OMG how exciting! I cant wait to read all about EVERYTHING!


MommyWithAttitude said...


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I knew it along! Glad to be here at work learning through your months of preggy :o)



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