This is gonna be a long pregnancy!

I'm 10 weeks.

And I feel like I'm about 37 weeks.


I don't know whether it's because this is our third child or whether it's because I'm overweight (but only about 20 lbs over where I was when I got preggo with Lucas) but this bebe already feels like s/he wants to fall out of my hoo-ha. No lie.

Walking around at work at night I feel sooo much pressure I'm dreading what it's going to be like at 40 weeks. I feel like I'm already doing the pregnancy waddle and I'm not even wearing maternity clothing!!

I also already have the ligament stretching. My midwife has recommended the prenatal cradle and I have to say I really honestly think I'm buying one this time around.

Already this pregnancy has been so different from the last two. It's weird. The cravings. The sleeplessness. The uncomfortableness. The pain. The moodyness. *sigh* Like I said....it's gonna be a long 30 more weeks.

On Monday (10-16-06) I went to my second midwife appt. Things went well! I'm down 9...yes, NINE...pounds. I think their scale is wrong, but Chuck says to take it for what it's worth! My blood pressure was a little high for me but still totally normal (132/82). We discussed my penchance for pickles and she said it's perfectly normal...and to eat what I can keep down during this point in time.

I also discussed caffeine with her. With the boys, I quit the stuff cold turkey. This time it's been sooo much harder. I'm not craving it per se...I'm just used to the Mt. Dew. The crack of all pops. However, there was a study done last year that linked caffeine (even at the 1-2 cups per day) with early miscarriage and preterm labor. I'm not willing to take that chance...so good-bye crack! Next appt..4 weeks!


Hannah said...

I hope your pregnancy gets easier, Lisa. It does sound like 3rd time around causes more havoc to your body, I guess because you've already been through it twice and the old bod is screaming "NO! NOT AGAIN!" LOL :-)
Anyway, it sounds like you had a great appt, so keep that in mind when you are feeling crappy.
40 weeks does sound like a long time when you're not feeling the best, but I'm sure it will go quickly enough for you.

nzmommy said...

My second pregnancy felt likes yours now! I was soooooooooo tired all the way up until 18 weeks. I just couldn't get enough sleep. And irritable. I felt sooooooooo sorry for Kamryn. And I too gained weight rapidly. I drank Vanilla Coke throughout my pregnancy with Lauryn (I had immense cravings for it!) and I was 9 days overdue if that's any consolation lol.

Angella said...

I hear ya on a tough 3rd pregnancy...maybe it's a GIRL!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are going through those stuff, but time will go fast by, I am sure! .. Hope it s girl! :o)


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Congratulations on baby #3! May you have an uneventful and perfectly healthy pregnancy!




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