Huh. I just noticed that like my last 4 posts or so have all been on Wednesdays!

I wonder why?

Maybe because I'm trying to get over the "hump" day at work?

Maybe because that's when I'm feeling slumpy...coming down from the weekend and not quite to the next weekend?

I don't know...but I'm gonna try to blog more often. I find it helps me get my feelings out. And I know that my hubby happens to read the blog even though he never posts. So maybe, just maybe, he can understand me just a *little* bit better considering we work opposite shifts and never see each other :(


On another note, Lucas was DRY all day long at school today! I'm freaking ecstatic. Then he went 3 more times at home after that. Albeit he did have 2 accidents...but still! He's 2 1/2 and well on his way now to being diaper free. And considering last Saturday he told me "NO MORE DIAPERS MOMMA!" he'll be happy to hear that too!

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Hannah said...

Way to go, Lucas!!!


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