Sooooo tiiirreeeddd!

I'm exhausted. End of story.

The boys are on a new daycare/preschool schedule so they only go M/W/F but they go longer during the day. But this means I have them Tuesday and Thursday from the moment they wake up. Which is early.

Like 7:15 early.

I know, I know...some of you reading this are thinking "THAT's EARLY?" Well when you work nights that's dang early! Granted I'm getting out of work at 1 am now so that helps, but by time I get home and around and settle down enough to go to bed it's at least 2 am if not 2:30. *sigh* At least, so far (knock on wood), the boys have been chill in the morning...cuddling in bed with me, content to watch their PBS cartoons and let mommy sleep just a little bit more.

It amazes me at how much they've changed and grown in their short years. It wasn't too long ago that I had to do EVERYTHING for them and now, just this morning, Lucas got up into the cupboard (big no-no, but he does it anyway, little bugger) and got down a can of chicken noodle soup. Zachary then proceeded to use the manual can opener to open said can of soup, pour it into a pan-which he got out himself, pour in a can of water, and then put it on the stove. He then came to me and told me he was ready for me to turn the stove on.

I'm just marvel at the things my 4 year old can do. We give him a lot of leeway to do these things too...I think it's good for him to know how to do things like cook, bake, wash dishes, vacuum. :) Makes my job easier!

Tomorrow is gonna be a rough day at work. I'm dreading coming in and dealing with the backlash of the previous' posts issues. *sigh* At least I get to sleep in tomorrow!


Jenn said...

uh 7:15 sounds plenty early enough for me....

Your kids are so independent so young. We try to give the same kinds of leeway (although climbing up in cupboards is a no no here too - and yes the little buggers still do it!)
My kids can not master a can opener at all, so I buy those ravioli tins with the pull lids and pray they don't cut their hands to pieces. Matthew can crack an egg in a cup perfectly though, and has mastered the microwave, so he gets his own eggs....I just need to monitor his ketchup pouring as he loves ketchup!
Good luck with work tomorrow. Carry Lo's rules around in your pocket - for inspiration ;)

Hannah said...

Oh, these boys of ours are growing up!! Not sure Ethan could manage a can opener, but I do know what you mean about 4 year olds doing things you never expected!

Yes, 7.15 would be early if you get to bed at 2.30am! Poor you!
Tyler wakes at 6.30 or 7am but at least I go to bed at 10!

Julie Q said...

Sleep is good! My boy got me up at 7 this morning and I was not happy.


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