Pregnancy dreams

I have had some of the weirdest dreams, but this one really made me a little scared.

I was only 18 weeks along and started having contractions. So I go into the ER. By myself. I guess Chuck must have been home with the boys.

I was in one of the ER rooms but people had forgotten about me. I started feeling the need to push and I was screaming for someone and pushing the nurses' button every second to try to get them in there....but no one was coming.

I pushed the baby out and he was still in the placenta and everything. All was still intact. I was seriously screaming bloody murder at this point...scared out of my mind and so afraid of what was going to happen to my baby.

After about an hour, a nurse came in and assured me that 18 weeks was an acceptable cooking time for the little peanut and his chance of survival was good. She came back in soon after to tell me that my peanut was dead. He had breathed in the amniotic fluid outside of my body and had suffocated.

I don't like dreams like that. Not in the least.


Hannah said...

Yikes, Lisa! That must have been scary. I remember having dreams kind of like that when I was pregnant with Ethan. NOT FUN! I hope you have nicer dreams tonight :-)

nzmommy said...

Weird! Yes, I had them too but mostly had the odd ones with Lauryn. I often 'felt' something was wrong and that would lead to weird dreams. I often dreamt she died or wouldn't live past a certain age.

Anonymous said...

First off, CONGRATS!!! My youngest of four is my only girl. Girls are different, lol.

That dream would have scared me as well. I think it's pretty normal to worry and sometimes that worry manifests itself in our dreams, especially when we're riding that rollar coaster we call pregnancy.

Speaking of weird things, I had, and I do mean HAD, to eat dill pickles with strawberry jam when I was pregnant with Baby Girl. I literally mixed them up together and ate it as though it were mana from heaven. Couldn't pay me to do that now!

Take care,
n0name28 (quackthis)

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