Ah, the little things....

Last night, after bathtime and peanut butter rice krispie treat time, we settled down to watch 10 minutes of t.v. before bedtime. Zachary and I have been watching Skating with Celebrities the last couple of times that we watch "mommy t.v." and Zachary asked for it again last night. He told me that he loves watching it and wants to learn to skate like that. If you ask me, he just wants to be skating with all the pretty women from the show! Anyway, needless to say it wasn't on last night; however, American Idol was. He kept paying close attention to the judges when they were on. He kept saying "you see that girl" and then it would pan away from the judges...he would get upset...it would go back to the judges and he'd start saying it all over again, just to be interrupted as they went back to the contestant. Finally, he got to tell me what he wanted to.
That girl (meaning Paula Abdul) looks just like Miss Kyla (from daycare). I asked him if he liked Miss Kyla (who is about 17 and really cute) and he got all shy and blushed. My 3 1/2 year old boy actually blushed talking about a girl! Anway, he said he does like Miss Kyla because she comes to his school every day and sometimes plays with him, but sometimes just tells his friends not to hit, and she's very pretty. What am I going to have on my hands when he turns 16!!!

To top it all off he's super cute and charming and has the longest eye lashes I've ever seen! Just last night he was sitting on my lap and looks at me with those blue eyes and dark lashes and says "I love you, do you know that?" and this mommy's heart melt. He's getting so big as evidenced by the fact he doesn't want to sleep in our bed anymore, just his. He still wants me in there with him....but he'll sleep in his own bed, thank you.

People have given me crap about sleeping with the boys and having to lay with them to put them to sleep, but really, I think I love the cuddles and need them just as much as they do. To me, there's nothing better than ending the day with my boys in my arms, telling me without words that I'm their mommy, keeping them safe from the world, from the dark, from any harm. That with me they feel comfortable. How can that be a bad thing? I knew the day would come when Zachary no longer wanted to sleep with us, but I hate seeing my baby boy get big.

Lucas Michael was watching Nemo this morning after waking up about an hour early (during my 45 minutes of peace and quiet before I have to get the boys up *sigh* maybe tomorrow). As he was watching it, I was making lunches in the kitchen. I know this movie by heart, as it used to be Zachary's favorite movie at this age too. There is the part where the fish all scream as the diver's come to take Nemo away and Zachary always used to scream with them. I forgot about that until this morning when Lucas did the same thing. It was like a walk down memory lane. Needless to say, Zachary no longer does that. It's funny to me how the boys can be so different in some ways, but in little ways are so much alike.

On a different topic, I went walking again yesterday. Yep, went last week with some other mommies and then again yesterday. I'll be walking on my own today. I honestly feel great after walking yesterday. Super sore, but I'm getting the hang of it. And then, this morning, I put my sweater on and I swear that's its bigger! I don't know if it's just a matter of my mind wishing it so, or if my eating better and cutting out the Mt. Dew is helping, but I'm happy about it anyways! Next step is to dig the scale out of the garage so I can actually start keeping track and keeping myself motivated.


Angella said...

Nemo is a favourite here too :)
Keep up the walking...I love to walk, and it's one of the BEST exercises. Especially if you have good company!

nzmommy said...

I often worry about them teenage years to come as well. My girls are going to be tall like their daddy and we may have trouble as well ;)

You won't always sleep with your boys nor will they always want to sleep with you. They are only this young once and it's great that you can share this quiet mommy time with them. Often Kamryn wants us to 'snuggle' or 'cuddle' with her in bed. I don't have to wait for her to fall asleep but it is nice to just be there with her and talk about anything without a crying baby to tend to or having to do other things around the house.

Great job with the walking! Hang in there! Mt. Dew.......hmmmmmm, I kinda remember that ;) I'm joking, we do have it here but I would love to have some Dr. Pepper!

Julie Q said...

Good for you on the walking! :) It was a beautiful day in Michigan today for a walk. I hope you got one in.

I think it is ok to snuggle with your kids as long as they are comfortable with it.


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