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Well, I was tagged by Jenn on the boys' blog to write "Ten Things about my Boys". I decided since some of these things may be my own personal feelings about them I'd write about it here:


1. My first-born. My induced labor child who made me swear I'd never be induced again. I fell in love with him immediately being laid upon my chest, bloody and covered in cheese, yet, blue. I was scared to death that he was dead. Then he wound himself up and started to cry. That's just like Zachary: takes him time to do everything, but when he does he does it with a bang!

2. Zachary started walking at about 10 1/2 months old. Running at 12 months old, climbing before he could walk. He's a problem solver and while that is a frustration to no end, I'm also VERY proud of the fact that he is very independent and thinks things out for himself. He had learned how to push a chair up to the counter and climb onto the counter, get into the cupboards and get his snacks out himself at about 1 year old.

3. I love watching him sleep. He used to use a binky while he was sleeping, but at 3 years old he told me he wanted the binky fairy to take it to his newest baby cousin so he could use them. He is an incredibly thoughtful child, and sometimes just a little too sensitive too...which brings me to:

4. He cries when other kids don't want to play with him. He's typically very good about showing his emotions and he was about 2 1/2 when he went and sat down in the sandbox at the park looking very sad. I wandered over and asked what the problem was....he said he was very sad that the other kids didn't want to play with him, and didn't like him. It broke my heart. How do you explain the meanness of some kids to a little guy who just wants to make everyone happy?

5. Zachary is incredibly opionated and always has been. I guess I've been cursed with a child who is almost exactly like me. We get into so many head on head battles and neither of us want to give in. I know this is not the end of this problem.

6. Routine, routine, routine. This child of mine thrives on routine. I remember one time when a friend was watching him and gave Zachary a bath and Steve turned out the light when they were done. Zachary wasn't talking yet, but he threw the biggest fit for about 1 hour. Steve had no idea what the problem was. But, upon arriving home, we totally knew. Switching the light off is ZACHARY'S job! You cannot do things that aren't your job...or do them out of order. It throws his little world into a tither.

7. He stayed at home with me during the day until he was 2 1/2. I loved and hated being home with him. I suffered from Post Partum depression with Zachary until he was 18 months old and never really connected the way I wanted to with him. We have a GREAT relationship now that I work days and am home every night with him.

8. He looks JUST like me when I was his age....cut off my pigtails and you have Zachary.

9. Zachary loves being a big brother. He has a tendency to try to be the mom/dad to Lucas but he's trying to keep him safe. Just this morning, Zachary leaned down and gave his brother hugs and kisses as we were leaving the house just because. I love seeing them like that.

10. Zachary is a Grandma's boy. He LOVES his Grandma B and I CANNOT do anything when Grandma B is around. Forget that he loves his mommy, mommy who? Grandma's here! But I'm glad that he has that kind of relationship with his grandparents.

I'll blog about Lucas next...so stay tuned!

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Jenn said...

That was great getting to hear about Zachary. My kids have this awesome relationship with their grandma too - something that I didn't really have. I'm a little envious.


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