Baby Words

Oh, how I love the baby words. The misprounounciations of everything and the cute ways they have of saying their own words. And I'm even more ecstatic to hear Lucas Michael pronouncing words especially since a. he has never spoken much and b. I'm so sick to death of hearing my in-laws (mainly SIL) ask if he's talking yet because the nephew is and maybe I should take him to see a speech therapist (grr...). Anyway, last week alone he started saying all kinds of "Lucas words" and I still get giddy with each word. His daycare teacher said he's really been watching her lips whenever she talks or reads to him plus he's been asking to read a billion books a day, so I knew it would be soon that he'd start jabbering (plus he's nearing his second birthday) but I'm still so happy! Chuck says I'm stretching it, but he says the same "word" over and over for the same item. He's just mispronouncing it! Here's his newest words:

eye ("ah")
other eye *LOL* He really does say "otha ah"
nose ("nahs")
Hello or Hi ("elo")
Jake ("ake")
Nemo ("ema")

He's says ZZZZ for Zachary and still calls Chuck Mama which is funny considering that Daddy was Zachary's very first word. Guess Lucas is a momma's boy!

I'll hang onto the baby words for as long as possible, as long as I know what he's saying. Zachary is losing more and more of his baby words and it's really sad. In some ways it's a daily reminder that their childhood is fleeting.


Julie Q said...

Aw, I love the baby words too. I think one of my kids used to call me Daddy for a while though. ;)

I saw you posted on Lisa's blog that you like cinnabon. There is one at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights. If you're ever in the area that is. :) I'm not asking you to meet me there, just letting you know it is there. :)

Angella said...

Hardly sounds like he has a speech problem!
Nathan's new word today - chocolate (not perfectly pronounced, but we knew what he was saying!)

nzmommy said...

I think you just need to give the SIL a miss if she is only negative and brings you down. Life's too short to be surrounded by inconsiderate people. And you will be less stressed. If they aren't positive for your life, get rid of 'em!

Yes, I must admit I have not been keeping record of all of Lauryn's words that she says. And I too have noticed lately that she no longer says ones that she did prior. She says mommy a lot and sometimes think she says it to both DH and I. Our oldest with through a stage where she would say 'mommydaddy' like it was one word but meant for one of us but she couldn't be bothered saying which one she wanted specifically lol! I may have to sit down and do a list for Lauryn. I'm sure many I take for granted but she does babble constantly lol!


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