New Year's Resolutions....

"There is a skinny woman inside of me, screaming to get out. Fortunately, I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies"--Author Unknown

Well, it's January and someone once said that you have until the end of January to start your resolutions. I have actually already started one but am working on the rest.

1. Lose weight. And I'm not talking just a couple of pounds. My first goal is to lose 32 lbs by my birthday, April 28. I had thought about making it March 18, which is the Mother/Son dance here in my town, but I think that was unrealistic. (I'm well on my way to this goal, evidenced by making chocolate chip cookies with my boys Friday night and eating quite a few. *sigh* I'm having a hard time to say the least, but that's fodder for another post)

2. Give up pop! YAY! I'm well on my way to this goal. I've had about 5 pops since January 1. Kudos to me!

3. Become a more patient mommy. I love my boys beyond belief but I'm not the most patient person in the world. I also want to become more aggressive with people who tick me off so that I'm not so apt to take my frustrations out on the boys.

4. Not let what my SIL and MIL say to me bother me. I get so worked up about how they think I'm a bad mom, that I get short with everyone in my life. I'm trying to be my own judge and not let everyone else judge me first....or at least take it personally.

Well, that about does it. But really that covers a lot of topics! I thought maybe if I posted them than I'd have a more rigid guideline to follow and stay true to. Wish me luck!

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