Part Two: Ten Things about my Boys

Lucas Michael

1. My baby. He was the easy birth. I actually started contractions at McDonald's while Zachary was playing in the playland. Chuck was angry that I was in McDonald's while I was laboring. I went to the hospital they sent me home and we went to Ponderosa with my mom and dad for dinner and I continued to labor there! The waitress wouldn't wait on our table...I'm sure I was quite a sight. I was having contractions every 2 minutes when we left to go to the hospital. 2 hours later I had Lucas in my arms breastfeeding.

2. He took to breastfeeding like a natural...and ate up! He's still like that. This boy LOVES his food. He's far from being chubby, but he'll easily eat 3-4 pieces of sausage at a sitting. One night he ate two hamburgers...Lucas doesn't mess around when it comes to eating and never has.

3. I LOVE his contagious, infectious smile. And his one dimple on the right side of his cheek. Just like his daddy. Lucas looks so much like his daddy and I love seeing it.

4. Lucas was born with black hair that turned blonde, but has always had blue eyes...until recently where I've noticed he has a line of brown going through one half of one eye. It's the coolest thing in the world.

5. He has a TEMPER! He started throwing tantrums at 6 months old! He loves to throw himself on the floor and start banging his head repeatedly. You'd think he'd learn that it hurts, but he still does it!

6. Lucas has already had two black eyes, but many more scrapes and bruises. He's a little bruiser and LOVES getting into the scrap heap with his brother and older cousins. Nothing holds him down.

7. Daredevil! One word. He loves anything where he can jump, or be thrown, from high places :)

8. Lucas started walking at age 9 months, but still isn't talking much at 20 months. But he's very adept at communicating(he knows some signs) and if you can't figure it out still. He'll just do it himself.

9. He's also a problem solver. It's nothing to find him piling things up or dragging things in from other rooms so that he can climb on them to get what he wants/needs. He's been doing this for months and it's always a source of frustration for me and for him when mommy foils his plans!

10. You can already tell he's going to have a GREAT sense of humor. He loves to laugh and play games and tricks on people and generally mess with people. Like his brother. With Zachary being so anal, Lucas will do things just to get that reaction from Zachary and then laugh like crazy when he does!

There you go...there's my interpretations of my two cutie patooties. I love them more than life itself and cherish every moment that they allow me to hold, cuddle, hug and kiss them. Because I know in a few years, they'll be too old for mom.

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