Can you say ECSTATIC?

Well, I always knew that Lucas would be *slightly* easier to potty train than Zachary because while Zachary didn't mind being wet and poopy all day long every day, Lucas HATED it! With. a. passion. But still, imagine my surprise on Sunday, February 12, 2006 in the evening when Lucas kept going to the bathroom door and lifting up his shirt. He did it a couple of times and then pointed at the light. So I asked, questioningly, "do you have to go potty" to which I got a very emphatic positive head shake. So, we went in there and sat on the potty for a little while and he peed! YESSS! I figured well at least he knows what it's for! Couple of hours later he does the same thing...and goes AGAIN. So apparantly he's not showing the same signs at daycare, but last night he went into the bathroom and went pee and poop on his *own* on the big potty all by himself! And tried to wipe! I am just so surprised. Now granted we are so not pushing it nor are we planning on putting him in trainers anytime soon, but it's a great start that he can kinda tell when he needs to go! Plus, he's got a lot more patience to just sitting than Zachary does. Lucas is 21 months now. Wow.

Valentine's Day was on Tuesday and it was also the day that Lucas learned the word balloon "boon" as he pronounces it and was VERY disappointed than mommy and daddy didn't buy him a balloon through the school like EVERY OTHER parent apparantly did. And Zachary came up to me with the saddest face when I went to get him and he said "Mommy, I didn't get a balloon and everybody else did" I thought he was going to cry. Chuck and I honestly thought about it again and again, but ultimately didn't do it before the deadline. They were $3.50 each as a fundraiser for the Student Council. So that night, I went to Walmart and bought them each 7 latex balloons and had them blown up for the grand old price of 97 CENTS! And they LOVED them...and thanked me again and again. Gotta love the wonders of such cheap toys!

Lucas's sheet from daycare today said "Lucas was being a bully today and wouldn't leave any of the other kids alone. He also has a scratch from one of the babies". I guess tonight we need to make his bedtime a regular bedtime instead of 11 pm. *sigh* But it was very nice to talk to 2 old friends last night, but makes for a hard behavioral day for the boys. That's for dang sure! So...we're off to say good night and watch a little bit of t.v. and hit the hay!

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nzmommy said...

Congrats on the potty training! I'm hoping it's sooner this time around with Lauryn as well. I know someone's 2 year old is doing it herself too. I'm not sure when to introduce Lauryn to it all.

YAY for the balloons! You are sooooooo lucky it's so cheap for you there! Helium filled balloons are expensive here even if you buy your own balloons.

I dont' know if I would take it too well if I got a letter sent home with my child saying they were a bully that day. I think I would be crushed! Do you live in a small town?? I know when I did and worked at a daycare; some kids were favored and others not. The ones that weren't just never got the praise that they should of regardless of who their parents were.


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