I just found out that my hubby has an interview for a DAY job. IF he gets this job, it will be the first time in almost 4 years that we've worked the same shift!!! We could actually have a normal life and the boys would be able to see their daddy every night, and I wouldn't have to have a babysitter to go out with the girls! And daddy could go out with the boys at night if he wanted...we could actually have sex EVERY NIGHT if we wanted! Which I think I will for the first 2 months if he gets this job!

More info later!


Julie Q said...

That is a triple Yay! :) Good luck to him!!

I quit working nights, while it put it us short on money from time to time, it was just so bad for our family. We had like three hours on a Sunday for our family time.

Jenn said...

YAY - I hope he gets the job - That would be so awesome for everyone!!!

Angella said...

I really hope it works out!

Hannah said...

I hope he gets the job, Lisa!
Let us know how the interview goes.

Fingers crossed!

christy said...

Here's hoping!! All the best for you and your beautiful family!! Truly.


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