Odds and Ends

First, I HATE seeing my boys in pain. And Zachary is in a lot of pain today. It actually started about 1:30 am with the crying and sobbing that his ear hurt. Every mom knows exactly what that is at 1:30 am and so I gave him some pain killer with the thought that I would call his Dr. first thing in the morning for an appt. Well, needless to say, he didn't sleep much or very well after that. Took him to the dr at noon, and sure enough it's an ear infection. No big deal, right? Well, apparently its a rare form of infection that causes a BLISTER on the ear drum and is incredibly painful. She said he was the sickest boy she'd seen all morning. He even turned down the GIGANTIC (I'm talking as big as a salad plate!) cookie saying he just wanted to save it for later. Now, that's one sick little boy! So he has antibiotic and pain killing ear drops that should help better than the tylenol. Poor little guy.

Second, I went to see my dr this morning and learned I had GAINED 5 lbs. I about started crying...I gave up Mt. Dew, have been eating better, and walking and I've gained? I honestly feel like I'm never gonna be rid of this monkey on my back. However, the doc did tell me that I was likely having anxiety/anger attacks and prescribed some stuff along with keeping with my stress relieving exercises. So we'll see. I just want to go back to a happy, go-lucky mommy!

Third...kids say the darndest things! Actual conversation that I had last night with Zachary.

Me: It's going to be bathtime soon.
Z: Nah, let's just skip bath tonight.
Me: Um, no. You guys are all grubby from your ice cream cones.
Z: *licking his hands* Not anymore. I'm getting all cleaned up now.

*LOL* That's my boy. Always trying to find a way around something!

Lucas Michael has attached himself to this big dog that his Grandma and Grandpa L got him for his birth. It's huge...about as big as he is. Well, he carries it around the house, rides it, races it against his brother's big dog, and sleeps with it. It's so cute seeing him pull this gigantic dog onto his chest and give his nose kisses. And then he asks me to give the dog's nose kisses. Then tells me "dog" (Yea! Another new word! Along with "ruff!") and wants me to pet the dog to sleep. Most kids have small security blankets or animals. Not my boy. He's got a dog as big as he is!

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