Chuck and I were talking last night (well, actually at about 3:30 am this morning when he got home...I am EXHAUSTED this morning!) about how Zachary's vocabularly is going to a new level. Chuck referred to it as "daddisms". He starting to pick up on things that we say all the time. Examples:

Daddy: Hey, how'd school go today?
Z: Cool, DUDE!

Mommy: You need to eat some green beans, please.
Z: Well, FINE!

Mommy: Zachary, I don't feel like playing that right now.
Z: Well, just DEAL WITH IT!

Z: Oh crap! I forgot to drink my milk. (Okay, so that one is totally my fault. I guess crap is better than some of the other things he could be saying!)

Yea, so his 3 year old attitude is getting worse, however, some of the way he says things and the hands on the hips or the tilt of his head just crack me up. I've had to step into another room just so I don't laugh in front of him before coming back in and telling him we don't talk to adults like that....or friends for that matter.

He also told me just the other day that he's getting older. Yes, you are I told him. He then informed me that when he was 5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 counted out on his fingers) he would be all grown up. I told him I thought maybe he should wait for a few more years after that before he decided to be grown up. Nope, 5 is the magic number.

Lucas's words are growing every day too! Unless, of course, you want him to repeat a new word. Yesterday, I told the boys it was cold outside. Lucas repeated "cold". Zachary (who is SOOO excited that Lucas is starting to talk a little) said "WHAT did he say? Did he say cold?" I asked Lucas to say it again. He promptly told me "NO". Well, at least we have that word down. He can also say Bye (buh) now as well as hat, coat and he tries to say scarf. Couple more months and the boy will be speaking in sentences!


Hannah said...

Hi Lisa! You posted on my blog so I've come to visit yours. Looks as though we both have 2 boys around the same ages? I'm not sure how old yours are, but from what I've read they seem similar to mine.

As for the "daddisms", I've been noticing the same things with my 3-year-old! He has picked up some of our phrases. It is pretty funny hearing your own words coming out of your child, isn't it??
How cute that Zachary is excited about Lucas starting to talk.

Angella said...

what is it they say? You spend the first 2 years trying to get them to walk and talk...and the years after that telling them to sit down and be quiet?
so true, so true...

Julie Q said...

Since starting preschool my Zachary says the funniest things! I keep forgetting them before I can blog them though! Darn it! I need to start writing things down so I can remember. :)

That is great that Lucas is talking more. It sounds like he is doing wonderful. :)


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