Job Updates

Well, Chuck's interview for his day job is next Friday. My interview for a Night Lead Worker position is next Wednesday? Huh? Wait a minute...I thought we wanted to be on the same shift? Well, yes, we do. But there are so many $$$$ advantages to being on opposite shifts. A raise for me. Saving almost $100 a month by not paying parking and city taxes. Saving money from not having the boys in daycare full time (I would still have them in every morning so that I can sleep a little). But then the big downside is Chuck and I would NEVER see each other but the weekends and the boys are yet again without a "family" 5 days out of the week. There's so many advantages and disadvantages to both and Chuck is being so great about letting me decide what I feel is best for ME as a working mom but it's also hard to decide what's best for the family. The money is so tight right now that I can't put Zachary in the skating lessons like I'd like to (and he'd love to). Having me on nights would help alleviate that. But is it good for anybody's sanity? I just don't know. We'll see who offers us what and see how it all plays out in a couple of weeks I guess.


Julie Q said...

It is hard to be a family and work opposite shifts. We did it for three years because we had to. As soon as we didn't have to any more, I quit my night job. We missed a lot as a family and me as a Mom.

But, sometimes you do what you have to do. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. :)

Angella said...

You just do what's right for you :)
And good luck on the potty training...we're still working on Graham...

nzmommy said...

Even if you are working opposite shifts, you will come to know if it's something you want to continue. Maybe reassess it every so often and see how you both are fairing with it. Also if it's only temporarily, the family will manage. I'm lucky to be able to stay at home as well but there isn't money to throw around that's for sure. But I would cringe to miss out on certain things. Good luck!


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