Last Night

I had a mommy's night out. YAY!

Do you know I went on a mommy's night out about 3 weeks ago and before that it had been literally MONTHS and MONTHS since I had gone out by myself without Chuck or the boys to do anything?

So, I'm feeling like socializing more. And realizing that maybe having a little fun myself and meeting some other mommy friends and being able to relate to others will help me be a better mommy and wife.

I was well on my way to being a better wife last night (too damn bad hubby works nights!) as a friend and I went to Ladies Night at Deja Vu (local strip club). The radio station was doing a remote there and they had all kinds of free giveaways, demonstrations, new products, huge sales, and refreshments. There were a TON of women there from all walks of life and only one gross, ucky dirty old pervert who kept playing with all the "toys" and made me wanna puke. But otherwise it was so much fun. I got two bags of free things and had tons of fun talking to Amanda and looking at stuff. So, after picking up the boys from my brothers and having them fall asleep on the way home I was ready to go....with no hubby. I'll be happy when we work a normal schedule.

I'm also looking forward to another mommy's night out!

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