Asperger's Syndrome

Well, today I head out to the pediatrician for both boy's well kid check ups. It got pushed back a little bit in order for both boys to go at once. I'm anxious about today's check up for Zachary because I'm going to discuss with the dr. my concerns re: Zachary and his behavior and the possibility for it.

I met a woman, through the grace of God, about a week and a half ago who's son as Asperger's. There have been four things that I've looked into for Zachary but not one of them has fit all the bills for Zachary's behavior and learning problems/paths. I have absolutely no idea how Cody and I got on the subject of our sons, but we found out that they are AMAZINGLY alike, despite the 3 year age difference.

Once we were talking about Asperger's and behavior, the very first thing she asked me was "Does he play with your ears?" WHAT? I was astounded...how did she know that? WEll so does her son, and apparently according to the specialist it's very common with Asperger's children. I've always found it weird that Zachary plays and rubs our ears but thought it was just a quirk of him...and maybe it is. I'm hoping to have some concrete answers soon. (not today)

But so many things add up now.
His inability to focus on certain things, and yet his extreme intelligence for mathematics and complex problem solving.

The aptitude for him to get SOOO involved in a project (usually his games) that he'll pee himself without knowing or thinking about it. And the fact that you physically have to get his attention when he's in "the zone".

How he gets SOOO overexcited when put into new situations or with new people, then because of that excitement punches himself in the head.

How he CANNOT tolerate a change to his routine or order of his toys or stuffed animals. That will create a total meltdown.

How he takes everything so extremely literally and get so upset that you are calling him "turkey" when his name is Zachary.

How he so desperately wants to play with other children and can't. He doesn't seem to possess the ability to interact with others AT ALL. He has no idea of personal space or boundaries. And other kids don't like that. I don't know how many times I've picked him up from school and found him playing with himself. And he gets so upset by it, but can't seem to make that change.

His inability to understand my "angry face"....I've always found it weird that he doesn't get "the LOOK" and yet Lucas does.

I've had people tell me "oh, I hope it's not that" but in some ways I really do. It would answer so many questions and also help to lead us on the correct path to helping him adjust and learn in a better, more positive way. I really want him to succeed in school and things aren't looking too good at preschool.

So we'll see where we go this afternoon. I'm hoping for a great referrel for testing.

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