Zachary's presents to us...

This is kinda late but it seems like I'm always late lately!

For Mother's and Father's Day the preschool that Zachary attends did "presents" for each of us. Zachary drew a picture at the top of the paper and at the bottom they put a My Mom (or Dad) is... sheet that they helped him fill in.

It really put a little bit of things in perspective as to how maybe Zachary sees us. And how we need to maybe change some things so that he sees us in the light we may want him to see us in.

Happy Mothers DAy!

My mom is 30 years old.

My mom looks prettiest when on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

My mom likes to make pancakes, cookies and chocolate cookie bars.

My mom always says: "I can't have a cookie before dinner"

My mom is funniest when she sprays me with water and then laughs at me.

First of all, I'm not 30. I'm only 29. I told Zachary:

Hey, bubba balloo, mommy isn't 30.

Z: Oh yeeeaaaa!!! I forgot, you're 40!!!!

Eek! Are you kidding me child?? LOL.

I told Chuck after reading mine that it sounds horrible!!! "sprays me with water and then laughs at me"? But in Zachary language, I think that's a good thing. He LOVES playing squirt guns and I love playing them with him...and when I get him, I do laugh hysterically. So maybe it's a good comment. And I do love to bake...especially with him. It's the one thing that we can do together that he listens very well at and is a great helper. I enjoy that special mommy/son time with him. I also wondered what was so special that I did different on Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays, so maybe I could do it more often!

Happy Fathers Day!!

My Dad is 20 years old.

My Dad likes to have me help him cook.

My dad always says, "if I hit my brother I will go in time-out".

My dad is funny when he me and my brother laugh at each other and then everybody likes to laugh at me and my brother.

I love my dad because I like to play with him.

Chuck thought it was absolutely hilarious that Zachary said he's 20 and I'm 30 (and then 40) when in actuality Chuck is going to be 38 this year. But he does look young :)

The ways kids perceive things amazes me. Chuck HATES having Zachary help cook. That's something that I do. Chuck has no patience for it, because it's a task that needs to get done right now. Whereas I have no patience for playing games, like Chuck does. But apparently Zachary doesn't see it that way...which is okay in my book.

I love the fact that Zachary sees his and his dad's relationship as a laughing, playing one. It warms my heart to know that there is such a warm bond there that will help Zachary to become a strong, warm man.


Angella said...

Those are totally sweet!

And hey - being 30 rocks...and so does 31 :)

Hannah said...

Wow, that is so cute and sweet!!! I wish Ethan's preschool would do something like that, I would LOVE to see what he answered for those questions!!!

I had to LOL when I read that you look prettiest on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!!!! What a gorgeous kid you have!!

noname said...

My daughter did these a couple of years ago. She put in hers that I weigh 18 pounds and my favorite place in the whole world is Food Lion, a grocery story back home. When I read it, I laughed, gave her a hug and said, "I think you deserve a cupcake for this." She responded with, "If you eat a lot of cupcakes Mom, you're gonna weigh 20 pounds soon!!" Kids are funny.

Anonymous said...

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