THE doctor appt.

Well, the boys are incredibly strong and healthy boys! Yay! Zachary is still off the charts in height and 90th percentile for weight and Lucas is 90th for height, 75th for weight. Dr. said that they are very well proportioned. She also said Chuck and I are the poster children for what parents should be doing *puffing out my chest just a little* She was surprised at how well we have the kids eating and drinking, etc.

But onto the biggest reason I wanted to talk to her.

She started off by asking me how preschool was going...to which I answered not so well. And I kinda described some of the basic stuff...he was bouncing off the walls, unable to focus, etc.

Dr. begins to tell me that they don't like to diagnose ADHD this early in children.

So then I say, "well, I don't think that's it completely" and handed her the list I made up of all the weird things that Zachary does or says or behaves. (like punching himself in the head if he's overstimulated). Why didn't I just explain it all to her in detail? Because true to form, Zachary was BOUNCING off the walls.

Dr. did have Zachary do a series of things to see where he was at developmentally...just really simple stuff. One of the things kinda surprised her...and me really.

She asked him "Zachary-go pick up that car please?"

He did.

Zachary, can you put that car on the chair?

He did. and stepped next to the chair.

Zachary, can you put the car behind your back?

So he stepped in front of the chair.

Her reaction?? "OHHHHHH. Okay."

I think she was a little surprised that he didn't pick up the car and put it behind his back like even I would have. Like I've said, Zachary thinks outside of the box.

So, all said and done she said that it definitely sounds like something else is going on and that we need some help with it before school starts (THANK GOD!!) so she referred us to a supposedly GREAT neuropsychologist. I think the fact that I explained to her that Chuck was bipolar also convinced her that maybe something else was happening.

I asked about seeing an Asperger specialist and she said that it could be a couple of other things too so she wanted to rule out all the other options.

So, now to try to get in with the psychologist. Wish us luck.


Hannah said...

Good luck, Lisa. I don't know much about Asperger's but I hope you find out more and you are able to either rule it out or make a diagnosis. Either way, it will give you some more answers, yeah?

Congrats on the rest of the appointment, it sounds like you have 2 very healthy boys there! Good job with the awesome parenting, how great did it make you feel to have the Dr say that? I know sometimes we all feel like we're not doing things right (especially with all the parenting shows on TV now, LOL) and all you really need is some encouragement and for another person to say "you're doing great" ... because truthfully you are!

Angella said...

I pray that all is well...or at least that you get a concrete answer and can then know how to parent him even better (though it sounds as though you're doing fine there)

God bless!

MommyWithAttitude said...

Good luck Lisa. I hope you get some answers soon so that you at least know what you're dealing with and how best to help him do the best he can.

Julie Q said...

Good luck Lisa! I hope you find some answers. :)


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