Stupid people

Seriously, I've had plenty enough of stupid people. I feel like I'm surrounded by them. Everytime I go somewhere, there is more stupid people. And they are raising a whole other generation of stupid people. I feel sorry for those kids.

Stupid person #1:
http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060605/NEWS02/606050317/1009 Check out this article. This woman is suing for damages to her child that she tried to ABORT. That's right...she didn't want the baby, signed papers with Planned Parenthood stating that she was having the abortion and negating them of all liability to her body...but wait. The job wasn't done. So now the baby has problems. Don't you think that you would KNOW that you were still pregnant as you kept growing and started feeling the baby move and such. How can you sue for damages when you didn't want the child in the first place? Give the baby to someone who did and stop trying to make money off of the poor thing.

Stupid person #2: Pit bull owners who think it's funny to have a killer dog.

My new neighbor recently moved in and obtained 2 pit bulls. Now, I have nothing against pit bulls, per se. I do have something against dogs that were bred and trained to fight, abused and then removed from the home and then put next to us and our two boys. They charge the fence daily. I was explaining my concern to some co-workers. One of these people stated that they too have a pit bull.

"*snicker, snicker* Our dog broke his chain and ran across the street and killed the dog across the street. *more snickering* And now that he has the taste of blood he tries to attack everyone that comes over. He attacked my husband's niece. *smile, guffaw*"

What the hell is wrong with people?!?! Why is this funny? Why the hell would you even attempt to keep that dog alive, knowing that he was a trained fighting dog, attacked and killed another dog, and attacked your niece........especially with a 22 month old baby in the house???

Stupid people #3: People who ask for opinions and then get offended when it's not what they wanted to hear.

I HATE this. Don't ask for my opinion if you don't want me to tell you the honest to God truth. I don't usually sugar-coat things. I won't intentially offend you, but at the same time, I won't tell you what you want to hear.

If you are looking for validation that what you are doing is right, be a woman/man and say so. Don't try to hide behind the words: "let me ask your opinion" and then get pissy with me when I don't say what you want me to say.

Stupid people #4: Women who tell their young beautiful daughters that they are fat and need to go on a diet.

True story. I was at our local convenience store (same one I had my epiphany at!). A woman who was disgustingly thin (think meth lab addict thin) came in with her 8 or 9 year old daughter. She was beautiful...a very exotic mix of races. She had that tell-tale prepubescent tummy pouch that so many girls have right before they start their periods. And she didn't have it as much as I've seen some have.

Her mother was bad-mouthing her to me and the cashier from the moment they walked in!

-"Look at her, all she does is eat. She's gonna be so fat"
-"Seriously you need to stop eating so much you are getting fat"
-"Let me see that fat tummy of yours...come-on lift up your shirt. You need to be on a diet!"

Grrr...I was *this* close to punching her. Seriously. I wonder if she realizes that she is probably PUSHING her into a weight problem.

Stupid people #5: People who are old enough to know better not to say something down right rude!

Today, I was picking up the boys from school. Zachary ran out ahead of me and was climbing into the Jeep via the window. (something he KNOWS he's not supposed to be doing!) It's a Jeep Sport so it's kinda high off the ground and a guy (I was going to say gentleman, except he was anything but!) saw Zachary doing this and said "Wow, that's kind of impressive!" To which I replied, "yea, he's a little monkey". His reply?

"Huh, wonder how that works. I mean, considering, doesn't look like you could be one."

Um, seriously? I know I'm overweight and all, but that is just freaking RUDE! Shut up you beer-belly'd old man and go about your business and stay out of mine, Thank you very much!

Okay, I feel a little bit better getting that off my chest.


Hannah said...

Good grief, Lisa! That last one really got me fired up! I would have been pretty rude back to him, I hope you said something brilliantly sarcastic that shut him up pronto!! No doubt you were probably in shock and didn't think of anything before he was gone (that is what usually happens to me in those siutations, LOL).

You are right ... those are all RUDE people! Sorry you had to experience such rudeness :-(

Julie Q said...

Lisa, that man sounds awful mean. Down my way they call black people monkeys. I think he was referring to your color and not your size.

They are all a sad bunch of people.

Angella said...

It really never ends, hey? You gotta wonder where these people COME FROM :)

MommyWithAttitude said...

Oh my god I hate all those same people! Especially the pit bull people. Thank God they moved, but we had a neighbor who had a pit bull and would send their 6-year-old son out to walk him alone. While my kids were playing in the front yard. Still makes me mad to think about it.

Dan said...

you sound stupid


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