Boys to Men

When does this happen? I mean I know little boys have all the same parts as men, but when and how does this happen?

Lucas Michael last night decided 12:30 am would be the perfect time to wake up. I don't think he's feeling too hot so he wanted to be rocked in the chair. So we rocked, he screamed, we rocked some more, he drank a glass of milk, we rocked some more.

He was laying on his back across my lap. He's 2. And he's on the taller side of a 2 year old so he doesn't exactly fit on my lap anymore. But I love it, so we work with it.

He had lifted up his shirt in that "I'm almost asleep" haze and was playing with his belly button. I though to myself:

Self, you should blog about that. About how he does some things that are so much like yourself!

Then it happened.

My little boy became a "man".

As I watched him half asleep and reminisced about all the wonderful times I've rocked him to sleep, he stuck his hand down the front of his diaper and promptly fell asleep.

Is this ingrained behavior in their little boy brains? Does God make them with the predisposition to sticking hands down the front of their pants? Because Chuck doesn't sit around and do that so I don't think it is a learned behavior. Ah well, I still love him!!! He's just growing up :)


Julie Q said...

:) A cute thought Lisa.

My older son is 14 and he acts so boyish! Boys are really different than girls, that is for sure. I mean aside from the obvious, raising them is very different.

Anonymous said...

Heh funny.. I guess all kids are different in their imaginations.


Hannah said...

ROFL!! Ethan does the same thing!

Angella said...

Boys, boys, boys! Or how about in the tub?


nzmommy said...

Hahaha, Lisa! It's not just boys, I'm here to say. Girls do the same things. Man, Kamryn went through a wicked stage of constantly touching. But it stopped. Every now and again I catch her. One day I said 'you go in the other room to do that'. Then she was on the living room floor doing something and I said 'what are you doing?', she said 'trying to get my underwear out of my butt' lol. I guess I 'thought' she was doing something else.


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