My carnivores!

Hot on the heels of a post by Staci (http://stacischoff.blogspot.com) about "Is your kid a Vegetarian" I had a funny experience with Zachary today regarding, of all things, meat!

First off, I'm so extremely excited. We had order a 1/4 of a beef from a co-worker so that we would get a cheap price for bulk beef and good farm fed, organic beef at that! I grew up eating farm-raised beef from my family's farm and I loved it. It was quite a transition going from that to having to buy beef in the store.

Today was the day that the boys and I ventured out to get the 1/4 slab of beef. We had stopped by a mommy friend's house first and played for a while and had lunch. We took a walk down across her 4 acres to the river across the street. It was beautiful (but a little mosquito-y, which Zachary-the allergic one-was quick to point out!). But at least the boys got some of their energy out and were quiet and asleep on the 1/2 hour drive to get the beef.

Zachary woke up when I was opening the back door of the Jeep to put the meat in. He was so groggy, only having slept about 45 minutes (I took a wrong turn).

He looked at me in that hazy sleep and asked "Momma, what are we doing here?"

Me: "We are picking up our cow, remember?"

Z: (Watching them put 3 large boxes of meat in our truck) "Um, momma, how are we going to make a cow out of that?"

Me: "well, that used to be a cow and then they took it and turned it into meat."

Z: "Oh, okay!"

So I guess it's okay that they took the cow and made it into meat because there was no more discussion about why or how that happens. For that I'm extremely thankful!

From the mouths of babes though...everything is sooo literal. So beware the next time you talk about your meat!


Hannah said...

ROFL! That is so funny!

Angella said...

We have chickens (for eggs), and I feel weird serving chicken meat to Graham because he always looks alittle confused when I tell him what it is :)


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