There are days...

I just feel downright OLD.

Most days I don't even think about it. My day moves along at a regular steady pace. The same as the day before.

What made me say holy cow today?

I was on "myspace" checking my account and my best friend's little sister left me a comment. She's a few years younger than us. A year older than my brother.

I saw her age...and thought to myself

"nah, thaat's gotta be wrong. She can't be 26 because she's a few years younger than me...and *smacks head* I'm not 26 anymore!!!"

I just feel like since the boys were born I haven't aged. At all. Apparently, I have and so has the rest of the world.

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Julie Q said...

Imagine how surprised I am everytime I have to say or write out that I'm (gulp!) 42! :) It is reality biting me in the butt! Ah, but it is fun though! :) Enjoy every day with your family. It goes so darn fast! And remember, you truly are as young as you feel. :)


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