100th post...and LOTS of whining ahead

So I made it. I finally got to my 100th post and it hasn't even taken me a year. Yippee. Hooray.

However, it's kinda sad isn't it that it took NaBloPoMo in order to get 21 of those posts? I kinda think so. I see via my SiteMeter that a lot of people are stopping by using the randomizer...and yet no one new is leaving messages. Come on people! I need the reinforcement that someone actually finds me interesting in even the absolute slightest way. Comment...please. (Yep, I'm not above begging and groveling apparently).

Especially after today I need that reinforcement. I hope it's not seasonal depression setting in. I really hope my crappy ass mood has more to do with pregnancy hormones than anything else.

This morning, as my feet hit the floor I was running to the bathroom to puke. (Oh wait. Did I mention my feet hit the floor at the ungodly hour of 7:15 am? Working nights sucks sometimes.) But I didn't puke. At all. I just dry heaved for 3 hours. Now, that is a barrell full of monkeys let me tell you!

Lucas is in that stage when he won't listen to you EVA and so we were late to get Zachary to school.

Then Lucas and I go to Walmart. Where they have NOTHING I want. *sigh* No orange towels. No orange fabric. (I'm trying to make a duck hooded towel for my SIL). No cute boy fabrics. No freaking cinnamon rolls! AND to top it all off? Ben and Jerry's has apparently discontinued the Mint Chocolate Cookie and replaced it with Mint Chocolate Chunk. Blech. Chuck says it's because no one else eats Mint Chocolate Cookie. They only sell 10 pints of it a year and it's all to me. On the way out of Walmart, Lucas decides he's going to be hilarious and call the cashier a doodoo head. Yea, his new favorite word.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Sit down to start sewing up the towels. The needle on the sewing machine breaks. I don't have another. I really, really wanted to cry at that point. Lucas was still running around like a banshee wanting me to play "lightsasers" with him and be Darth Vader. I just didn't have the energy.

That's just before 11:30.

But naptime was good. I felt good..except I woke up with heartburn. And had to come to work where I got attitude from 60 year old women. It's really quite ridiculous how they behave sometimes. Afterall, throwing a basket because you don't like the job you've been assigned to is a little much, isn't it?

Tomorrow has GOT to be a better day right?


Charles D. Leibrand said...

EVA? I'm not downloading anymore Hip Hop for you.

Lisa said...

LOL! It's not hip hop it the mom squad that is breaking me into EVA...wait till I start talking titters and "teh sex" (although quite frankly I don't know what the hell "teh" means other than a misspelling of the).

Anonymous said...

yah tomorrow should be better day for you as four days will come up that you dont have to deal with us the co workers :o)

Your favorite co worker
XOXO :o)

Matt said...

I'd be willing to work on a petition to bring back mint chocolate cookie..

Angella said...

I hope today was better :)

Jessi said...

Just a randomizer checking in. :D I've enjoyed reading through your last few posts. Keep up the good work. :)

noname said...

Oooh, I've been called a doodoo head by a customer's son once. It came so out of the blue it made me laugh out in surprise. The mom then got upset at me for encouraging her son to call people ugly names. When I told her that my son, when he was 4, called every black guy he saw 'booger', she calmed down. Sometimes kids just come out with the darndest things!

You passed your bad day to me as my Wednesday could come close to matching your Tuesday. Thank ghod it's history now! Anyway, as wonderful as having a new baby truely is, I think pregnant moms have EVERY right to be crabby whenever they want to based on just the puking/dry heaving alone! Hope your morning sickness gets better soon.



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